Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Opening Manifesto

On October 16, 2006, I was perusing the sports news like I normally do on a daily basis.

On that day, ESPN had sent a ridiculous missive to deadspin.com declaring them an undesirable "underground" website. I read many extremely intelligent reader comments, browsed a few more blogs and then it was obvious...

I am not alone... I too hate ESPN!

Well, not really. I love ESPN like a play cousin. In fact, it is a big part of my life. I watch it every day, often falling asleep to the smooth stylings of John Anderson or Neil Everett. However, it is undeniable that ESPN is on the decline. Although they employ dozens of talented reporters and writers, they have chosen to focus on many, many sucky analysts (Yeah, I'm talking about you, Sean Salisbury). This is why I haven't been able to get over the loss of Fox's National Sports Report. So, I too will bravely join the "underground" revolution forcing (hopefully) ESPN to reach its potential.

So I dedicate this blog to all the athletes (men and women) that ESPN has abused by not challenging itself to provide more than excessive, biased and unfocused coverage. In the last 30 days alone, that would include Terrell Owens, Stephen Jackson, the University of Miami football team and Kenny Rogers (although he deserves it). ESPN (also Fox and Sports Illustrated, as necessary), just leave the man alone...

What can you expect from this blog?

I will discuss NFL, NBA, NCAA Men's Basketball and MLB. I will not discuss too much hockey or soccer because I am not that interested in them. I will not discuss golf because it is not really a sport.

All discussions will be tempered by as much humor as I can muster and a heavy dose of pop culture.

There are a few things you should know about me.

I am from Atlanta. Consequently, I will bitch a lot about the Falcons. I will discuss the Braves as necessary. It probably won't be necessary to discuss the Hawks.

I went to Georgetown. My college basketball comments will largely be dedicated to them and Big East basketball in general.

I am a Black-American. My cultural perspective will be reflected. And yes, that is code for "I will periodically have to accuse [fill in the blank] of racism."

I am female. Thus, I am not bound by "man law." If I want to say some athlete is good looking, I will - and be unashamed. If an athlete is having trouble with his baby mama or cheating on his wife or has an STD, I will not suppress said stories on this blog.

Finally, I have a full time job unrelated to blogging. I can't pretend that I am going to compete in the 24 hour news cycle, but I will try to post something worth a visit every day.

What unique experience will I offer readers?

I will curse as often as possible.

No seriously, I will try to be light and succinct in my comments and offer a roadmap to what, in my opinion, are the most interesting stories out there.

I am going to offer a weekly TV sports analyst/personality fashion roundup. Why? Because Merril Hoge needs some shine, dammit!

Also, I am going to do a public service and offer men some advice on the ladies. If I get any readers, I assume they will mostly be of the male persuasion. I am going to highlight a lady periodically that has desirable qualities that men should be looking for in their real life ladies. Why? No, I am not a lesbian, but I think that reinforcing quality standards will assist men in recognizing that same quality in real life. That being said, I will try to ensure that the ladies I select are hot.

Well, there's nothing left to do but get started. Enjoy!


A. B. said...

I think I love you! Great blog! Check out mine if you get a minute.


Da Arsonist said...

Love the Blog. Was going through my daily read of thebiglead.com and was feelin you like Ray Charles does the wrists of women.

You've definately been added to the daily page peeks.

Feel free to holla at da kid.


dblplay463 said...

Nice enthusiasm, but Sean Salisbury is widely recognized as one of the best offensive analysts on TV today. He may not have been much of a player at all in his days, neither was Vince Lombardi. But he certainly knows the game, and maybe, just maybe, you don't like him but don't understand the game yourself. .... FR:A former college QB.

Sportaphile said...

@ dblplay463

Sean Salisbury sure is offensive.. to our eyes, ears, and collective sports minds. He isn't exactly "Emmitt Smith" kinda bad.. but he's bad.

anyways, I like the blog, nice stuff.