Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Harold Reynolds Apparently Has a Publicist.

Harold Reynolds has been making the media rounds ever since he filed his wrongful termination lawsuit against ESPN. However, will everyone's best interests really be served by his aggressive litigation? I doubt it and the NY Daily News is co-signing on my theory. It doesn't really matter how many favorable articles he gets published in the Seattle Times or The Sporting News, it won't change the fact that potential employers are going to think twice about hiring him now that he has taken this adverse and extremely public stance against the World Wide Leader.

Is it fun to get behind someone who's taking on ESPN? Of course.

Is it fun to point out how hypocritical ESPN is when Michael lrvin gets to keep his job? Sure, but Irvin has adeptly used his hotline to T.O. to fuel his prominence at ESPN. T.O. is the air that ESPN breathes. Irvin is not getting fired for anything less than serial killing. Get over it

Will it make us feel good about ourselves to harbor on ESPN's sexual harassment policies? Sure, but we all know ESPN doesn't give two shits about gender equality. Suzy Kolber continues to shiver on the sidelines while Sean Salisbury skyrockets to being the #1 NFL analyst at the network. Sad, but true.

Not to mention, when Harold goes on a Madonna like media blitz advertising how wronged he was, how much support he is receiving, how "happily married" he is and about all the things that he stands for, it definitely makes me think that there is more to this story.

I just want him back in the booth. And now I hope that his supporters don't end up with egg on their face.

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