Sunday, November 19, 2006

Hoya Lament

Ugh......... It's my own fault. I was too busy writing about Jim Mora, Jr. and Dancing With the Stars to even acknowledge the start of my beloved Hoyas basketball season. I was dancing on the grave of Kansas all week, just counting the days to find out how many slots the Hoyas would gain in the AP poll at Kansas' expense. Oral Roberts?! How could Kansas lose to Oral Roberts? I didn't shed one tear for those overrated bastards. Now I'm cold and all alone as I come to grips with the news that my beloved Hoyas have lost to Old Dominion 75-62. To add insult to injury, we lost on campus in our little bitty gym. But, on the bright side, there weren't that many people there to see it.

Okay, okay. I'm shaking it off.

It's early. It's better we got this wake-up call now. We'll slip a little from our no. 8 perch, but we'll get back. I still have full faith in the vision of John Thompson, version 3.0. And I'll be a more devoted fan. I'll do better. I'll blog about every game from now on. Go Hoyas!

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Big Blue Monkey said...

No worries about GTown. Better to lose to ODU now than in the first of the NCAA's. Hibbert and Green will tighten their focus, learn from this defeat. The Hoyas will finish in the in Top 10, possibly top 5.

I promise you that, head Chick.