Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Larry Johnson Hollering at Beyonce?

Not to be outdone by fly by night newbie Tony Romo, Kansas City Chiefs running back Larry Johnson may be claiming his dream girl. There is a vicious Internet rumor that Larry Johnson is hollering at Beyonce. The above picture was taken at Larry's birthday party last Friday. Yes, Jay-Z was there. And Larry is signed to Team Roc. However, Larry and B were reportedly engaged in long, intimate conversation. The pictures don't lie. I see chemistry. They both seemed to be quite pleased to be invading each other's personal space (I love the lean-in, Larry). And B's sister, Solange, has already demonstrated the Knowles family preference for football players by getting hitched to Daniel Smith (extremely fine, but waived by the Carolina Panthers in August). B could reaffirm her big dog status in the family by pulling an athlete that actually has a career.

B does love the football players. The hot guy in her current video, "Irreplaceable," is former football player, Bobby Roache. I am not surprised that his continued services were needed at the American Music Awards last week.

Beyonce has been having a rough time of it lately. Supposedly, rapper Nas dissed her because she has bad breath. She hates that Jennifer Hudson is getting more shine than her in "Dreamgirls." And her so-called "boyfriend" left her in a car for 40 MINUTES while he attended his album release party. Maybe B could use the comforts of LJ right about now. Step in, LJ! Be her "friend."

So, who knows if there is any truth to this rumor. But I say all the athletes should have the girl of their dreams, if only in our imaginations. Tony Romo and Larry Johnson, enjoy the holidays.

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Anonymous said...

I think that she needs to date someone around her age. Jay is too busy and does not have the time. She's got her own money. She does not need him