Friday, December 29, 2006

Hence the Title - ESPN Slacks Off During a Slow News Week

This post isn't so much of a T.O. apology as it is a general criticism of ESPN.

I guess it was too slow of a news week for ESPN because Joe Theismann went on a rant on Mike and Mike In the Morning (on Monday) about how Terrell Owens is not a great wide receiver anymore. He is just good. Of course, there was some other bullshit about how awful a human being Owens is and how he ruins teams. ESPN then chose to make this rant "news". Just about all the radio and TV shows replayed Joe's comments and various other analysts (including Mike Ditka) chimed in to agree.

First of all, whatever Joe Theismann thinks does not constitute news.

Second of all, the comment that Terrell Owen is no longer great is just plain stupid. And when ESPN employs analysts who make stupid comments and then highlights said idiocy, it undermines the Worldwide Leader's credibility. Even if it was true that Owens is merely good, it's hardly as if good receivers are a dime a dozen in the NFL. But Owens is still great. Arguably, he is not as great as he was. But he is the league leader in receiving TD's. That stat is prima facie evidence of greatness. You can't count drops if you're not going to count touchdowns. Theismann's proclomation was shockingly stupid considering that Owens got the Cowboys their only 7 points during the loss to the Eagles. And Owens is playing off a broken hand and a current torn tendon. He is fucking practicing catching balls with his palms. Palms! That's work ethic. You can't conveniently ignore Owens' injuries. Joe Theismann is a jackass.

But it keeps going.

Terence Newman, cornerback for the Dallas Cowboys, made some statements considering the mouthing off of certain Cowboys.

"Some people just talk a big game, and they think that they are doing the
team justice by pumping up themselves and doing a lot of that when the reality
is they come out and just get abused. People need to just start playing and stop
talking so much."

Now when I heard the comment, I didn't think he was talking about Terrell Owens. After all, Newman is clearly calling out teammates who are talking but aren't playing. But, as I laid out about above, Owens is a talker AND a playmaker. Of course, ESPN spent a whole rotation of Sportscenter insinuating the comments were about Owens and that the team had turned on him.

Today, ESPN's spin was specifically addressed by the Cowboys. Terrell said that Newman wasn't talking about him. Why? Because he talked to do the dude and cleared it up. Thanks, T.O. That's more investigative reporting than ESPN will ever do. Then Terence Newman specifically said on camera that he was absolutely not talking about Terrell Owens and that their relationship was fine. As ESPN played Newman's comments exculpating Owens on Sportscenter, they did not apologize for their baseless insinuations. Instead, they simultaneously ran a montage of all of Terrell's drops, expressions and sideline conversations. ESPN is full of jackasses.

And, the ESPN "analysts" continue a general theme of saying things like, "I don't think Terrell Owens will be a Cowboy next year." Why the fuck would anybody think that? Now if Parcells wants to leave, that's his prerogative. However, I can't begin to understand why anybody thinks Terrell Owens is going to be forced out of Dallas. First of all, Jerry Jones loves the drama. The Cowboys are getting national coverage every single day. As far as Jones is concerned, that's the type of coverage "America's Team" deserves. Don't forget he called Terrell Owens "heroic" (basically snitching on Owens' tendon injury to take the heat of his favorite playmaker). Heard anything about the beef between Owen and WR Coach Todd Haley lately? Nope. Jones long ago made it known that Haley could hit the pavement if he couldn't deal with Owens. And even if Jones was forced to choose between Parcells and Owens, I think I know who he would choose. .500 Parcells (as a Cowboy coach)? Or Terrell Owens, who has "coincidentally" joined the team and lead them into the playoffs as a contender?

There has to be better things to discuss than Terrell Owens. NFC Playoffs? Bowl games? Anything, ESPN. Otherwise, I'm turning the channel.

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doublenicks said...

If ESPN and their analysts hadn't already jumped the shark long ago, this could have been the moment for me. I'm on record with my feelings about T.O. many times over - mostly not positive - but I've never said he wasn't a great player. That suggestion is beyond ridiculous. OK, he's dropping balls this year. But a) he's PLAYING with a broken finger and b) look at the numbers he's compiled anyway. I agree that Owens is a disruptive force but I think the categorization of Owens as anything but a great player is just a situation of old-schoolers like Ditka and Theismann pining for the days when a me-first prick like T.O. would get his head snapped off by a safety. They are looking for old(testament) school justice and nothing more. Owens is a horrible teammate but he's not the worst kind - he performs. In fact, he's so good that he posts All-Pro numbers during a season in which he's dropped more balls than ever before. How many people do you know who can be among the best in their profession when only bringing their B game?