Monday, December 11, 2006

Joe Heart Pam?

Are Joe Buck and Pam Oliver secret lovers? There are long hours on the road away from the family. ...

The evidence has been right in front of my face all along.

Even The Mighty MJD noticed that Joe and Pam looked extra comfortable snuggling riding on the back of the injury cart as they left the Fox set this Sunday to go call the game in the stadium.

I have even previously posted incriminating pics on this very blog, but I was blind.

Although The Big Picture openly debates wheter Pam is fuckable, could Joe resist Pam in Baby Phat jeans? An tantalizing video is here.

Did you forget that Keyshawn Johnson felt the urge to spank her?

How could Joe resist? (Baby, you know you should have gotten promoted over that fattie, Curt. Pam, just a little kiss? It would make me feel so cool and different to be with a Black girl... Please, Pam. I have red, pouty lips that long to kiss you. Please, just a little kiss... Can I touch your hair?)

So, I am looking for tips. If you have noticed an unnatural amount of friendliness between Joe and Pam, let me know... We can get to the bottom of this.


DP said...

Crack kills...or maybe it's all the wonder bread in their diet.

Or maybe all the Koolaid in mine.

Pam Oliver is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much more...everything than any of those other chicks.

Joe KNOWS he wants to hit that. Pam must suffer from the same affliction all hot black women (and black women who may be less hot but still have that sista-swagger going on) have. Black women are the new Black. Just ask Sanaa Lathan, who is the ONLY chick to get the Hoe-slut doctor on Nip/Tuck to act right.

Black women just have IT, and for that, I am forever grateful to be born Black...thats right, I said it...

The best thing about being a black man is black women.

Keyshawn wanted to spank Pam Oliver with a ruler, but it wasnt cause she put him out on front street.

Muning444 said...

Fuck you nigger.

sonic said...

The use of the N word is amazing.

Go read a darn dictionary.

Next, what is this crap about Pam being the NEW black? Ain't nothin' new about us, dope, you just open your dumb prejudiced eyes and got a look at what was always there while you were denying you wanted to be us... sittin' under that sun lamp get ting your "black" tan.
We were black, we are black and always will be black, you wack turd.

Muning444 said...

Of course she chooses an educated white man over a dumb, underacheiving nigger. Pam is not dumb. She is educated and will not let a dumb nigger drag her down. She should stay with Joe Buck.

sonic said...

I'd say that the dumb one is you. Seeing that my people were hung on the count of the word "nigger", you still see fit to use that word while you type behind that screen and your keyboard courage. Stop being an ignorant jackass. And that's an insult to jackasses.

Who said that Pam was messing around with any white man? And if she is, what's it to you? And who said that she isn't dating a brother?

You've said "nigger" more than three times. Based on your use of words, the only dumb, underachieving nigger here is you.

Read a dictionary. Learn some collegiate terminology.

Read a book.

Ironfist4 said...

"Read a dictionary. Learn some collegiate terminology.

Read a book."

Says the nigger who is blogging about a sideline reporters ass...

No wonder she doesn't want a nigger husband. She goes with Joe Buck instead.

Jaymack said...

I see all of you punk ass cave dwelling white bitches, talking shit in your safe zone behind a computer when you know you can't be touched, I beg you pussies to say that big boy shit to my face.

I will meet your PERSONALLY ANYWHERE. you booger eating caucus mountain dwelling dog kissin honky bitch. Coward pussys love to talk shit, and act like a coward when the real kings are present.

Go back to the mountains and walk on all fours with the dogs and we know how much you honkeys love dogs.