Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Michael Vick - Radio Host Killer

On Monday, coach of the Atlanta Falcons, Jim Mora, Jr., was on 790 the Zone in Atlanta doing his weekly radio chat with Chris Dimino. Mora let the world know that his dad, Jim Mora, Sr., had resigned from Fox Sports Radio. And yes, it was fallout from the controversial "coach killer" remark that Mora, Sr. made about Michael Vick days earlier.

But here's the spin.

Mora said that his father immediately regretted making the statements and reached out to Fox management to withhold clips and transcripts of the comments from other media outlets. According to Mora, Fox assured the coach that they would withhold said information. Apparently, Fox did make Mora's comments available to other outlets and Mora quit over Fox's "lack of integrity."

I don't know about that. I recall hearing the audio early on in the controversy, but it was pretty hard to come by. It was hardly as if the audio was all over SportsCenter and every pre-game Sunday show. So I don't know how much I buy Mora quitting over "integrity" as it concerns Fox. I think he did genuinely regret making the statements, mostly because he put Junior in an extremely difficult position. I think he quit to save face for his son. And I can't hate on him for that. I don't know how much integrity Fox does or doesn't have, but Jim Mora, Sr. definitely has some.

(790 the Zone has not posted the audio of the interview yet. But here's another recanting of the same statement.)


Worldwide Reader said...

The best part of this whole thing is that Jim Sr. was 100% correct - Mike Vick is is a coach killer. Trade him to the Raiders for some draft picks, start Schaub at QB, and next year they're a 10 win team.

Head Chick In Charge said...

Matt Schaub? BOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! They won't even use Matt Schaub on a trick play on one of our numerous 4th and goal stands. All he does is hold the snaps? Why no confidence in him? The only thing that changes when Schaub comes in is the play calling. The coaches are overwhelmed by Vick's abilities.

Michael Tillery said...

Here's my take on Vick:


I will say this. If Mora tried to hold his comments from the national media in genuine fashion, then I applaud him.

The media at large is smashing Vick. He's the most scrutized quarterback in the league--No, Peyton doesn't have it this bad and hasn't won anything--but has a better record than most--regular season and playoffs.

He has no receivers of merit--Crumpler is injured.

He is this generation's Randall Cunningham.

Just like Randall, he has his faults and tries to rely on his natual ability way too much, but that's the fault of the organization. They need to find someone who can deal with his strengths and build a capable offense.

There isn't one Super Bowl winner that was a one man--or two if you include Dunn--team.

The league does it for every other talented quarterback, so why not Vick?