Thursday, December 21, 2006

A Reprieve for the Dallas Mavericks

So Allen Iverson has been traded to the Denver Nuggets... Generally, I think this is a good look for Allen. He's going to winning team with a superstar in Carmelo Anthony. I don't think he's going to have trouble playing with Carmelo or anyone else. Remember he played great with Eric Snow Sixers. The Nuggets are a running team and, with Allen, they'll be able to abuse visiting teams in high altitude Denver. And, most importantly, vintage thug (Allen) and nouveau thug (Carmelo) join forces to give David Stern nightmares.

The Dallas Mavericks should be exhaling. Because, Allen Iverson didn't go to the Minnesota Timberwolves, that means Kevin Garnett is still available.

The Mavericks organization has shown their commitment to winning. Cubes has taken that team from zeroes to heroes in record time. But if Cuban wants the ultimate prize, he has to know that he is not going to win a ring with Dirk Nowitski as the team's centerpiece. I have nothing against Dirk. He is one of the best of the league. However, he doesn't have that "it" factor that will allow him to lead any team to a championship. He was basically nonexistent during the Mavericks' last playoff appearance. Real stars don't disappear during the playoffs. Don't let the stats fool you. Dirk simply doesn't have the heart to get it done when it counts. Heart, not stats or experience, is the difference between, say, Dwyane Wade and Dirk Nowitski. And "heart" can't be developed. There is no next year. You either have the heart to get it done or you don't. And Dirk doesn't have the heart to give the Mavericks fans what they want.

Please, Dallas, don't be like the Lakers who waited a season or two too long to trade Shaq. Love Shaq, but there was a narrow window where he sufficiently left a legacy in LA and still had unprecedented trade value. We all knew Kobe-Shaq wasn't going to last. For a hot minute, the Lakers could've gotten two superstars for Shaq. Instead, they waited until he diminished physically and openly forced a trade. That's why they have Kwame Brown now.

Please, Dallas, don't fall into the Chris Webber trap. He strung fans along for years, letting us believe he was great instead of just good. Every year, the Kings went one series deeper toward the finals. Every year, the fans apologized for Webber believed that the Kings would overcome the then dominant Lakers. And, then, one day the fans (including myself) had to wake up. Chris Webber was never going to get it done. He wasn't who we thought he was. Bum knees or soft spirit, the writing was on the wall with Chris Webber for some time. Learn from the mistakes of the Webber refugees, Dallas.

Mavericks, I can't make any promises regarding Kevin Garnett. But I do know that Dirk Nowitski is not the savior of the franchise. At least Garnett still has the possibility of upside.


Miguel said...

totally disagree.

Chris Webber has never been to the NBA finals.

And Wade running nutso into the lane during the finals and every stupid call does not equal "heart".

The Fan's Attic said...

i don't see why you would trade for an aging superstar with way too many miles on it (Garnett) when you have a superstar that has far more tread left on his tires. especially, when you consider Garnett has never taken his team anywhere.

Head Chick said...

The larger point I'm trying to make is that Dirk is not the answer for Dallas. At least not if the goal is to get a championship. He lacks an "it" factor. Stars don't lose in the finals with home court advantage and a 2 game lead. That's unacceptable.

I concede that Kevin might not be the answer, but Dallas has to make a change. One thing we do know about Kevin is that he's never choked in the finals. We can't say that about Dirk.

And if you keep disagreeing with me, I'll start working on my trade Dirk for Gilbert Arenas post.