Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Good 'Ol Boy Network

New Atlanta Falcons head coach Bobby Petrino has completed the selection of his coaching staff. Boy, he has undertaken one of the most innovative and open-minded hiring processes that I have ever seen. Just hire all of your buddies! I can't believe no one else has thought of this cutting edge hiring technique.

Friends of Bobby include:

Mike Zimmer - Defensive Coordinator; worked with Petrino at Weber State. (Used to run the less than spectacular Dallas defense which couldn't do much against any team, much less the Falcons' chief division rival, the Saints. The brilliance of this hire is so obvious.)

Hue Jackson - Offensive Coordinator; worked with Petrino at Arizona State.

Paul Petrino - Wide Receivers Coach; Bobby's brother and from Louisville staff.

Tom McMahon - Assistant Special Teams Coach; from Petrino's Louisville staff.

Mike Summer - Offensive Line Coach; from Petrino's Louisville staff.

Petrino retained 3 assistant coaches from the old Falcons staff, Quarterbacks coach Bill Musgrave, running backs coach Ollie Wilson and secondary coach Emmitt Thomas. Petrino is probably just biding time until he can find some of his play cousins to fill those slots next year.

I can understand the appeal of hiring people you are familiar with, but that doesn't mean you've hired the best person for the job. We now have 3 people on our staff who have never coached in the NFL at any level. The coaches with NFL experience don't exactly come from the most winningest programs in the league. I'm underwhelmed.

I am most excited about the addition of Hue Jackson. I don't know about his transition from wide receivers coach to offensive coordinator, but I'm happy that our wide receiving corps of Drop, Drop & Drop LLP will finally be getting some attention and instruction. And... I think that's all I'm excited about. Yeah, that's about it. We'll see how it goes...

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Badcock said...

I have been waiting to hear any Falcon fan reaction to the hire. So Mora Jr. had to go ... is some mediocore mid-major college coach the answer?

Best to withold judgement, but with the Falcons so damn close, it seems like a mistake to scrap back to Perorinio or whatever. Maybe should've hired an established NFL coordinator or even disgruntled former coach (Art Shell, you hear me).

Did they pretend to interview minority candidates? They were supposed to at least pretend.