Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Horses Over Humans?

You'll get no glue jokes from me.

I feel bad that Barbaro died and for any suffering he might have endured. I feel sorry for the veterinarians and other caretakers who lost a patient and I hope that other horses will benefit from the things they learned trying to save Barbaro. And I feel sorry for the owners who lost their pet and business investment.

However, I'm annoyed at the amount of coverage the horse has gotten and is receiving upon its death. Furthermore, I am disturbed at attempts to personify Barbaro into some sort of athlete. And not just any athlete. A warrior of pure heart. A champion with values. And that's ridiculous. Barbaro was a horse. A mere horse. I'd take a human over a horse any day in a post game press conference. What is a horse going to say? "Nayyyy, nayyyyy?" I prefer, "CROWN THEIR ASSES!" Barbaro could never give you such excellence.

I know things like Reggie Bush's taunting and Tank Johnson's playing in the Superbowl with an ankle bracelet doesn't sit well with a lot of people, but that doesn't mean that you can substitute human athletes with horses, even though they do act like animals sometimes.

Update: Although I'm not making any glue jokes, I'll admit I'm laughing at some (okay a lot of them). Barbaro's legacy expands to include "comedic muse." Maybe they can put that on his tombstone in the garden at Churchill Downs. James Brown is still unburied and they have a transition plan for a horse...


Signal to Noise said...

I've stopped on the glue jokes and moved on to gelatin ones, specifically ones involving Bill Cosby.

Mini Me said...

I wish Barbaro hadn't suffered the way he did. I will miss him. He was a fighter. And he taugh even humans never to give up.

MWCB said...

Of interest?http://www.youtube.com/v/rEdMmYN2lSw He's pretty funny, in that underappreciated big man way. Nice jump!