Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Jerry Jones, Trendy As Ever

Maybe Jerry Jones has heard the criticism that he wasn't interested in minority coaching candidates. See the Fanhouse and The Big Lead. (I've already criticized the Atlanta Falcons on the same issue. Mike Singletary played the fool for us too.)

Or maybe he just wants the hot new accessory. No not African babies, but Black head coaches! He can beat Angelina to the punch this time.

Jerry Jones is going to interview Mike Singletary for the Dallas Cowboys head coach vacancy.

Clever, Jerry. Yeah, it would be interesting if three of the top NFL franchises (Dallas, Chicago and Pittsburgh) had Black coaches, but it's ultimately about the fame grab. No one loves publicity and attention more than JJ. You could grab yourself some of this Black head coach Superbowl publicity. Who knew they could talk about two guys being Black for, what, 3 weeks straight? Especially since Dungy has been Black for 51 years now. Smith's got 48 years of Black experience under his belt now. I'm sure if Jerry had known you get this much attention for that, he would have gotten himself a Black guy years ago.


Signal to Noise said...

I think that decision is already made for Norv Turner and Singletary is being used as damage control.

Jerry doesn't want a coach he'd have to wind up keeping -- he wants a caretaker for Jason Garrett.

Signal to Noise said...

Forgot -- this discussion focuses on black coaches a lot (and deservedly), but can't Norm Chow get a head coaching interview? Ron Rivera keeps getting screwed too because he's in the playoffs too long to get interviewed.