Thursday, January 25, 2007

The Reward for Being a Company Man?

Today, Philadelphia Eagles linebacker Dhani Jones was on the Dan Patrick radio show. When asked who the best quarterback in the NFL is, Jones replied, "Peyton Manning." Ummm... I thought Terrell Owens taught us that the correct answer to that question for any Philadelphia Eagle is always "Donovan McNabb."

I guess Donovan has good reason to be worried about his future in Philadelphia.

Donovan is not the classy, upstanding, high road taking guy the media makes him out to be. He's not the antithesis of that, but I never perceived him to be any less whiny or hypersensitive than Terrell Owens. Doing nothing is doing something. How could there be a divided Eagles locker room if EVERYONE loved Donovan? It's been clear that everybody in the Eagles locker room does not have a man crush on McNabb. Allegedly, Jeremiah Trotter and Jon Runyan have come out stating their preference for retaining Jeff Garcia over Donovan McNabb.

It feels like I was the only one who noticed that the Eagles seemed to play a lot harder for Jeff Garcia than they were playing for McNabb this season. Before McNabb's injury, the team had mostly eeked out victories. With Garcia, they were suddenly dominating opponents.

McNabb is the starting quarterback next season as long as he is healthy, Coach Reid says. But we already know the nature of McNabb's injury indicates that McNabb will most likely not be healthy until mid-season. Now McNabb is paranoid, thinking the Eagles trainer is sabotaging his rehab. It's not that deep, D. The organization would coldly dump you without playing those kind of games.

The Eagles have a history of coldly casting off players. They don't overpay and they don't reward loyalty. The organization gleefully tanked a season just to spite Terrell Owens, without regard for wins, championships or the fan base. I'm surprised Donovan thought he was favored somehow.

McNabb is rightfully concerned about being out of sight, out of mind. I was definitely concerned when Andy Reid cancelled McNabb's scheduled presser. Now McNabb has been silenced, with Coach Reid bending over backwards to spend his time telling the world how happy McNabb is. Apparently, Donovan can't speak for himself. I don't know... He looks like a grown ass man to me.

So Donovan has transitioned from being the golden boy to being in the midst of a quarterback controversy with Jeff Garcia? Oh, how the mighty have fallen. McNabb is suddenly "injury prone", getting older every day and not scheduled to come back from his injury until after the start of next season. Suddenly, he's expendable and Donovan is the subject of open trade rumors to such glamorous destinations such as Tampa Bay and Oakland.

In my eyes, the piece de resistance of McNabb's "classiness" was his "Black on Black crime" interview that McNabb gave during last year's Superbowl. Not only was comparing his and Owens' relationship to Black on Black crime the stupidest shit I've ever heard, but I thought it was ultra classy of him to distract from the Superbowl by making himself the top story on SportsCenter. The Eagles may have tried to sell you on T.O. as the devil incarnate, but he's gotten to plot his own destiny. Will Donovan choose to the same path or will he continue being a company man?

I predict Donovan will give an encore performance during Superbowl media week.


Mini Me said...

Nice Blog! I think Manning is the best in the league as well. Further, I think Garcia might be better than McNabb. I don't think Philly will be able to resign Garcia for the price he will demand just to be a backup. Imagine if the Bears lose this week. Think Jeff Garcia would fit well into their system as a starter next year? I think so.

Signal to Noise said...

One note about playing better: I wouldn't slag off the fact that Andy Reid wasn't calling the plays with Jeff Garcia playing; they should give Marty Morninwheg a shot calling the plays for McNabb.

I think Donovan was kind of screwed in Philly from the get-go. He's still the guy whom Iggles fans booed on draft day, and even though Ricky Williams has his sticky icky fall out, that doesn't leave, and all his interactions with the media over any situation, especially T.O., reek of that.

It's looking more and more like Donovan and T.O. will be linked at the hip forever. Jeff Garcia's smiling, knowing he got off easy.

Head Chick said...

As a Falcons fan, I definitely saw the larger picture of what Garcia's success really meant. You know, the Vick Schaub controversy is more than similar to the emerging McNabb Garcia controversy.

MWCB said...

Hmm...I too wonder how good McNabb really is. But I feel like he's getting Warner'ed for no fault of his own. Mike Martz kept putting in all those no-protection plays for Warner; then when Warner gets hurt, he "remembered" he had a running game and chose safer plays for Bulger. Same thing here--why doesn't Andy Reid get a clue that having Donovan throw all the time is no way to keep him alive? It's like me having to solve a Rubik's Cube to prove my intelligence and a substitute getting connect the dots, ha. Yes, they did better than I did on the "test" but it's not the same test. Watch, the same thing will happen with Schaub, and the fans will turn on Vick. Not fair.

Signal to Noise said...

mwcb has a very good point: why wasn't Brian Westbrook being used like he was in the last few games when Donovan was in the lineup? He played like a bad man with Garcia in there.

twins15 said...

I agree with mwcb and signal to noise... Garcia was good, but I felt like the Eagles gameplan was a LOT better with him in there with mcnabb... Westbrook is one of the best RBs in the league, but he never got the ball when McNabb was playing. With McNabb out, the Eagles became more balanced, controlled the ball more, and became a better football team. I think it has less to do with Jeff Garcia and more to do with Westbrook.

So that said, if the Eagles feel like trading McNabb to the Vikings (as a Vikings fan)... well, I won't complain.

Badcock said...

Wow, nice fan loyalty to a Pro Bowl QB.

Everyone has apparently forgotten that when McNabb was injured, he was the #1 QB in the league.

It is true that Westbrook's touches (both runs and short passes) have increased since McNabb's injury.

Anyone think the Chicago Bears would like to have McNabb right about now?

robustyoungsoul said...

If McNabb leaves and Garcia is the starting QB... Philly fans will get exactly what they deserve.

Sometimes I hate living in this town.

DP said...

One of the intriguing things about football is how it appears that when you have a decent serviceable backup suddenly the coaches coach better the OLine blocks better and the receivers run their routes crisper.

What is that about?

That is about players focusing, not expecting the star to bail them out.

I distinctly recall Andy Reid having McNabb dropping back 30 and 40 times a game because he relied on Mcnabb to be the star.

Suddenly McNabb blows a knee and the world discovers Bryant Westbrook.

THat says far more about Reid than it does about anyone else.

As for Philly fans. RobustYoungSoul has it exactly right.

Philadelphia will never appreciate what McNabb has done for them(SuperBowl appearance, countless division titles, all with questionable help at receiver and peculiar pay calling.

doublenicks said...

First, let me say I was disappointed (no to mention proved wrong) when McNabb came out with his nervous "what about me?" crap. The only way to be an NFL fan is to be loyal to an organization, not a player. That's a separate topic though, I think.

As for Garcia vs. McNabb, the idea of a controversy is a joke. First of all, Garcia did do the MOST important thing which is win. But it's been said often - when teams lose, QBs get too much of the blame and when they win, they get too much of the credit. Garcia was a great guy to have waiting in the wings but they didn't ask much of him and if you look at his numbers, they were some what pedestrian. I agree with the above comments, that if the Eagles call the same game for McNabb (55% passing plays instead of 65%), I believe you will see the same amazing results - if not better. Second, Garcia is 37 years old and has just had a breakthrough season in terms of exposure. He is going to do his best to parlay that into a starting job for the next season or two. If you were in that situation would you rather compete with an All-Pro QB with a fat contract or go to a team where you walk in as the starter day 1. The only reason for Garcia to stay is because McNabb likely won't be (or shouldn't be) back to start the season but they Eagles aren't going to give him a big payday to be the back up.

If the Eagles cast off McNabb, I'll be disappointed. But at the same time Philly has a track record of making sound personnel decisions and I expect this will be no different.

Head Chick said...

The Westbrook factor is interesting. For one, I think he's healthier. The offense had to rely on him without McNabb's playmaking abilities. But I also think he sensed an opportunity to shine with McNabb out.

And what about Brian Dawkins? Dude just seemed to turn it on as soon as McNabb left. Coincidence?

Vegan Viking said...

I rank McNabb as the 3rd best QB in the league when healthy. The guy's an unbelievable playmaker. The idea that people think Garcia is in McNabb's league is laughable.

The parallel is Brad Johnson/Daunte Culpepper. Culpepper gets hurt, an old Johnson steps in, plays decent, wins games. Vikes can Culpepper. Viking offense then sucks because Johnson was old and not that good.

The difference? Culpepper was playing awful, while McNabb was playing great. I don't know what McNabb needs to do to win people over, because by almost every measure of success, he's a top QB.

DP said...

nothing tightens up a D like losing a starting QB.

You got fewer points to give play better.

aint cause he dont like McNabb...its cause he wants to win.