Tuesday, January 23, 2007

They'll Print Anything, I Suppose

There's a rumor on foxsports.com that the Oakland Raiders are interested in trading Randy Moss, Jerry Porter and a 1st round draft pick for the Atlanta Falcons' Michael Vick and their 1st round draft pick.

This rumor is stupid. The trade makes no sense at all.

It's not financially possible. The Falcons would take a huge cap hit for trading Vick. Around $20 million. Then we would be stuck with about 26 wide receivers. The wide receivers we have lack trade value so they too would have to be cut, also at a severe cap hit (our WR's are overpaid 1st rounders). Then we would be stuck with the burden of signing a #1 draft pick, which currently cost about $25 million to sign. Right now, the Falcons are about $10 million under the cap. Like I said, the financial ramifications of the alleged trade make the whole idea ridiculous.

The Falcons don't want Randy Moss or Jerry Porter. Sure, we need receivers who can catch, but the Falcons pride themselves on being a "character" franchise. They won't take two headcases. Even if the organization changed its mind about the importance of character, Randy Moss has become injury prone and nonchalant about playing hard. And I can't see him getting "up" to catch the ball from Matt Schaub. (But if Moss comes to the Falcons to catch from Vick, that's another story. I'll accept Moss as a Falcon, begrudgingly.)

The Falcons don't want to be stuck with Matt Schaub. Let me clear something up that has been skirted over in the media. Matt Schaub is a decent quarterback, but it's not like Peyton Manning is riding the bench. I have been particularly perturbed this whole season about Schaub's alleged trade value. Schaub has been available for a couple of seasons now. Do you really think that if the Falcons could get a 1st round pick for Schaub, they wouldn't have taken that deal by now? I do feel like there is a little bit of media conspiracy against Michael Vick when they hype up Matt Schaub. Schaub might be a Brad Johnson/Drew Bledsoe level quarterback. He's good enough, but he's not the savior for any team.

Michael Vick is too valuable to the Falcons franchise. It's way easier to sell season tickets, luxury boxes and jerseys with Vick as the QB than Matt Schaub. Arthur Blank eventually wants a new stadium and he has to keep the fan base excited.

Black and silver #7 jerseys would fly off the racks, but it's not going to happen.

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doublenicks said...

I think your allegiances cloud your judgment . . . I don't think anyone expects Matt Schaub to be the next Peyton Manning. What people do think - and was supported by his (brief) play over the last two seasons - is that he is a young quarterback with nice tools who has experience as a pro not unlike recent backup-to-starter "success" stories like Matt Hassleback and Jake Delhome. Not to mention he is a 6-5, 230 pound QB with a rocket arm, if you like that sort of thing. And Vick . . . you are probably right that the Falcons can sell more tickets with him than Schaub, but can they win more games with Vick?