Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Black History (Bikini 101)

Tyra Banks has offered up her version of Black history - a reshoot of the Sports Illustrated swimsuit cover than made her a household name - 10 years later. I don't know if all the Photoshop action on her body was necessary. I wish Tyra wouldn't lie about her weight or the army of graphic designers it takes to get her cover ready. She still looks fine.

When this cover came out, I remember being a little bit offended. The thumbs mimicking the pulling down of the bikini bottom made it one of the more sexualized SI covers. SI had previously gone clean-cut, all-American. For some reason, they felt justified in being more overtly sexual with a Black woman on the cover. Now time has passed... Maybe it's different in hindsight. Maybe not.


MCBias said...

I actually do remember being similarly offended by the position of the hands; sadly, I don't think I'd be quite so scandalized by it today. It's clear which way the modesty train is traveling over time.

Gangsta D said...

I love Tyra's "I'm not fat damnit! But even if I was it's not a big deal" attitude:) Her body is fine, she just seems to have got crazy over the past decade.

motorcycle said...

criticize I please