Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Black Hole Slam!

I enjoy love wrestling (so, umm, don't expect any posts complaining about steroids on this blog anytime soon). But I'll confess, I'm somewhat of a wrestling snob. Only WWE/WWF for me. I spit on WCW. And all those other wrestling offshoots? Puh-lease. But still, I stumbled upon this TNA clip featuring former NFL wide receiver Andre Rison. It highlights many of the reasons why I don't mess with the amateur leagues. They bite the WWE from start to finish with the characters, sets, pyrotechnics, etc. and do it with talent wishing they could hold John Cena's jock. But it ends with a pretty cool body slam. And it's a pretty cool body slam of Andre Rison, who probably deserved it (Don't quit your day job, Dre. If you can't act in the wrestling ring, you have no future in front of the camera). So I'll put my wrestling elitist sentiments on hold to share this with you.


Gangsta D said...

NWA in the 80's pisses on WWF in any era. Of course, back in the 80's wrestling was real:)

Miguel said...

I thought you were legally obligated to love WCW if you were from the ATL.