Wednesday, February 21, 2007

But Will He Walk It Out?

Clyde Drexler (6'7", BTW) will participate in ABC's Dancing With the Stars this season. This is a very athlete heavy season. Besides Clyde, Laila Ali and Apollo Anton Ohno will also appear. Laila has an edge, as she is partnered with the very popular Maxsim. But watch Eye-an Ziering, as he is paired with two-time defending champion Cheryl Burke. And, yawn, Heather Mills, her prosthetic leg and her gold digging heart will appear on this season as well.

And I thought the fashion round up would be on life support with the NFL offseason and Michael Irvin's whereabouts in limbo. No such luck. There will be lame and fringe to spare! Woo-hoo!!

Clyde, the bar has been set high by your NBA brethren. Don't let us down.

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whitefolks said...

That will be a terrific disaster and over here I don't think the gold diggery she has engaged in will hold interest for too long.

Shaq has always purported himself to be the league's best dancer and he still holds sway after this clip. No one this side of Charles Barkley has ever felt more comfortable doing and saying exactly what they feel. They make fun of everything and come out sounding generally sensible.

Dwight...Dwight's my main man and he can't barely walk it out.