Thursday, February 22, 2007

"It's My Job To Make It Right"

Scoop Jackson wrote his best article ever! Well, mainly because he didn't write. (Sorry, Scoop) It was just a Q&A. Well, a Q&A with the infamous Tim Hardaway.

It's a long article. However, it's a coherent attempt by Tim to explain himself. He apologizes. He accepts responsibility. He differentiates between "sticks and stones." He addresses whether something "happened" to him to make him hate gays. (No.) He says he might be able to deal with a gay teammate if it was disclosed, reitarating Lebron's concerns about trust and betrayal. He says its no fair that he will be judged by 30 seconds, but he understands it. He compares himself to Charles Barkley. He still doesn't agree with the gay lifestyle.

Also, interestingly, he says this with regard to his comfort level on the Dan Le Batard show:

Did I forget I was on the radio? To tell you the truth, at the time I was talking, yes. I've known Dan for a long time and we're real cool and we were just having fun on the radio.

Dan denied for DAYS on his radio show that he baited Tim into making his comments. Le Batard said that he and Tim were not friends. It doesn't seem that Tim is blaming Dan at all, but was lured into a comfort that Dan denied. But Dan deals with his controversial intereviews in similar fashion/ He will host Terrell Owens on the air every week, deny that he has T.O.'s cell phone number and then call T.O. "narcissistic" once Terrell gets off the air. Dan is funny like that.

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MCBias said...

I think that Dan Le Batard did mess with Timmy a little. Something that the Miami Herald leaves out of their transcript (rather conveniently) is that he first said "Last question" before asking his first question about a gay teammate. It was a "throwaway" question at the end of the interview. But then he proceeded to keep asking questions. This is not to excuse Tim, but I think that the Miami Herald is not being completely honest in their transcript.

After all the dreaded "last question" is a technique that the police use all the time on TV interrogations; the suspect thinks he's home free and then the detectives casually ask as he's heading out the door "Oh, btw, do you have a red car?" and nail him that way.