Friday, February 23, 2007

Make It Rain, But No Refunds

By now, you've heard about Pacman Jones' adventures in a Las Vegas strip club this past weekend.

I read this article over and over trying to sort out this bizarre story because it just made absolutely no sense.

One sentence jumped out at me:

"a scuffle broke out when the Houston promoter who hired the strippers told them to pick the money up."

Why were strippers fighting over money in the club? A strip club is not a lawless place. There are rules. There is code. Dancers do their work and collect their payment in orderly fashion. Something else must have jumped off for the environment in that club to get to that point. There was more to the wire story than met the eye. Pacman Jones is lying.

So I convened a small panel of strip club "experts" and sources that were actually in Clubb Minxx at the time of the incident. There is an important back story that was not conveyed in the news stories. Let me break it down for you. Hopefully, this is less confusing than the wire stories.

Minxx Gentleman's Club was being "rented" out for All Star Weekend by Chris Mitchell. He owns Harlem Knights, a strip club in Houston. In the stripper world, it is common for strippers to travel all over the country in search of the biggest payday. For example, many girls from Detroit fly down here to Atlanta every weekend to work in the clubs. Not to mention, girls often travel for special events. The idea is to cover your expenses from the trip and make good money for a couple of days work.

So, Mr. Mitchell induced dozens of the dancers from his club in Houston to go to Vegas for the weekend. A no-brainer right? All the big spenders would be in Vegas. And Mr. Mitchell's plan to position a "Black" strip club (i.e., appropriate music, body types, performing styles, etc.) near the Las Vegas Strip would be a slam dunk.

Well, things didn't go as planned. For the girls dancing, Minxx was a dud. They weren't making any money. The girls traveled to Vegas at their own expense and many of them were in a financial hole for the weekend. By the time Sunday night came around, many of the girls had gone back to Texas and the ones that were left were angry and pissed about how the weekend had gone for them financially.

So, enter Pacman Jones and his crew. Pacman comes into the club with $81,000 in cash planning to "make it rain" on the strippers. A note about "making it rain." "Making it rain" is when you hold a stack of bills in one hand and use the fingers of the other hand to peel off bills one at a time in rapid fashion and/or throw out small increments of bills out on strippers. The bills float in the air, creating the effect of raining money. This is usually done with stacks of single dollar bills for effect. It's just a very elaborate way of paying the dancer. You show off to the other guys in the club, you objectify the dancer, etc. It's a pretty common practice. It's not new at all, although the act as been recently popularized by the Fat Joe song, "Make it Rain."

Back to Pacman with his $81,000. $81,000 is A LOT of money to make it rain with. If he was using $1 bills, that means he had 810 stacks with him. 810 stacks of dollar bills! Way too much just to accomplish a little rain.

Although the wire story says that Jones was raining on 40 dancers, a source from inside the club says the stage was empty. The DJ announced for the dancers to come out to the front of the club. The girls, in the red for the weekend, saw dollar bills covering the stage. And they went for theirs. According to an inside source, a stripper riot broke out. Pacman was sitting right by the stage and the girls fighting over the money fell off the stage into Jones' entourage. That's when the scuffle began. Pacman and his crew started fighting GIRLS.

The girls were fighting over money they "thought" was theirs. In fact, this is confirmed in the wire story. Mitchell says he told the girls to pick the money up off the stage, thinking it was their compensation. Mitchell, according to the warrant, "admits that he took the money in the bag belonging to Jones because he thought it was for the dancers."

And it was for the dancers.

Pacman Jones said that the money recovered from Chris Mitchell belongs to him and that the showering of bills was "intended only for visual effect."

And let me just say that is a motherfucking lie.

Making it rain is for visual effect, but it unequivocally constitutes payment. And the rain does not issue credits! You can't make it rain in the club and then pick your money off the floor and be like, "Whew, that was fun!" That money was payment for the dancers. Jones is a scumbag for pretending like he got robbed. He wasn't robbed. He just thinks he's entitled to some sort of refund. (Don't be confused by the seizure of the Breitling watches. They likely just belong to the manager.)

There are only two explanations for Jones' behavior:

1. He is a complete bama (i.e., a hick that doesn't know how to carry himself.) This is unlikely. Jones is from Atlanta. If there is anyone who is expected to know strip club etiquette, it is a person from the ATL, the all-nude stripping capital of the country. (How do you think I know so much?)

2. That motherfucker was tweaked out of his mind. That's the only explanation for such an altered sense of reality. Let me reiterate. No one "makes it rain" and then expects his money back. It doesn't work like that. He could be a complete imbecile, but he was probably high and/or drunk to "rain" $81,000 and think that the money still belonged to him.

I hope the police did a drug test on that motherfucker.

Pacman has hired the same law firm that defended Ray Lewis (who pleaded out for no reason) and Jamal Lewis (who did jail time). Not that he has anything to hide or anything.

(Thanks to reader, David P., for the inside track. Sorry, I had to reject your title "Make It Rain, and Let the Hoes Do the Work.")


doublenicks said...

Wait, I don't understand . . . There was an incident in a club involving Pacman Jones and no one got spit on? You think you know a guy's MO . . .

The Fan's Attic said...

While Atlanta may have better talent, I might have to take issue with your "all-nude stripping capital" comment. Portland, Oregon has, as far as I can tell, the most strip clubs per capita than any other city. Oregon itself has the highest per capita rate of strip clubs in the nation. Portland definitely would be in the running for the capital if not the winner.

Does Atlanta have all-nude clubs that can serve alcohol? Portland does.

Head Chick said...

Is there any other kind?

And you can pour the alcohol on a girl if you wish (if she agrees).

MCBias said...

RYC: I'm pretty much hoping it gets ugly :-p within reason. I'm envious of Nash's taste in clothes, though; you should do a mini-feature on his outfits in the pictures, ha.

Krista said...

What I'm waiting on is the trial. I may have to take a day off work to see defense counsel demonstrate 'making it rain' for the judge/jury. If it is a male atty, you know it'll be hell to pay with the wife getting back in the house after that. "How YOU know how to do that? You was pretty damn good at it!"

MCBias said...

I've seen Southern Europeans do "Make it Rain" all the time at weddings; the groom and bride dance while members of the family come up one at a time and shower them with $1's. So apparently strip club clients have been copying the folk traditions of Euros. Heh-heh. I'm going to have to remember to laugh quietly when I remember this post at the next wedding I attend.

Mini Me said...

Seriously, if Pacman gets released would you want your favorite NFL team to pick him up? Sure he is a moron in regard to his character but he is one hell of a CB also.

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