Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Okay, okay, we've had our fun...

Boy, "making it rain" has swept the nation! Everybody's saying it. Haven't checked again to see if everybody's doing it. But as funny as it is to hear Tony Kornheiser say, "make it rain", we shouldn't forget the tragedies that the storm has left behind.

Tommy Urbanski is paying the ultimate price for what happened in the Minxx Gentlemen's Club. He remains paralyzed and fighting for his life in a Vegas hospital. Three people were shot in the Minxx incident. Urbanski is the only one that was seriously injured. Urbanski is a former WWF wrestler that took the morning manager job a mere two weeks before the shooting so that his wife could quit the job that she hated. Trying to be a good husband, but he'll be paralyzed for life if he survives.

The family is wondering why no one from the Titans or the NFL or the NBA has contacted them. I wouldn't advise them to hold their breath. None of those organizations want to touch this with a 10 foot pole. Furthermore, what happened to Mr. Urbanski was the fault of the individual that did it to him. The family will have a tough time convincing a body with the power to remediate their losses that it was the Titans', the NFL's, the NBA's or even Pacman Jones' fault. Sorry. I know that it's no consolation to the Urbanski family. But Urbanski's injuries might not be countered by a payday. Still, I wish them well. What happened to Tommy Urbanski was a tragedy.

And speaking of tragedies, it seems Pacman Jones' life might be descending into one. The Titans are openly discussing releasing him. I don't hold any illusions that he won't be able to work in the NFL (see: Jamal Lewis, fresh out of the pokey). However, he is compromising his livelihood and his life by continuing to engage in such reckless behavior.

Everyone from drug dealers to his family is concerned about him. The drug dealer says:

We gotta slow down, man. We gotta get him focused on football, man. He's focused on too much other s****.

You know, I was talkin' to him the other day about smokin', and he was like ‘man, if I didn't smoke I couldn't take all the stress that I'm dealing with right now.

He gotta concentrate on season...that ******* drug test coming up. We telling him he needed 33 days before he took his ******* test; dry-out, and he didn't...that's let me know right there that he ain't taking his ****** job serious.

His uncle, Robert Jones, says:

Everybody tries to talk to him. I do. His mother talks to him, his grandparents talk to him. … I don't know, I just think he is out of control. I've told him I think he is out of damn control, but he doesn't want to hear it.

I hate to say things on the negative because I want to see him do good. But it is hard to see him keep getting involved in stuff like this.

And a lot of people around him don't have his best interest at heart. I tell him, just like I'm telling you, but he'll leave me or go on out the room when I am talking to him. He knows right and wrong, I guarantee you that. But he just thinks the dollar bill can get you out of everything. Well, the dollar bill isn't always going to get you out of this (expletive).

His family goes on to express concern that Jones may be headed to fulfill some sort of death wish since his father also died young. It's too bad. Pacman Jones is a father and a talented player that could potentially accomplish a lot in life. Pacman's gambling, drug use and reckless behavior have him headed toward self-destruction. And, though he does those things, I don't feel any less sad for him. Like Mr. Urbanski, I hope Mr. Jones gets better too.

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