Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Random Gossip

When it rains it pours. Tim Hardaway is facing financial difficulties. Timmy is being sued for being $750,000 behind on his mortgage on his Miami home and $45,000 behind on back rent on his Miami car wash.

And Scottie Pippen also has some financial difficulties. Pippen owes $5 million over a private jet and is alleging his former agent caused him to lose $27 million.

Washington Wizards player Deshawn Stevenson is dating R&B singer Letoya Luckett, formerly of Destiny's Child. Even though Gilbert took his money, DeShawn gets the prize.

2 degrees of separation. Terrell Owens' former publicist Kim Etheredge's sister, Alisha, is kissing on Bobby Brown. I guess class runs in the Etheredge family.

Speaking of T.O., that mofo has been hitting every party in LA the past couple of weeks. I guess he's out there visiting his son before his second hand surgery.

Reggie Bush is in a video with R&B princess, Ciara. One can only speculate whether he's getting the goodies. Reggie mostly sits while Ciara rubs up against him.


Mini Me said...

Wow that was some amazing gossip links!

Krista said...

You seen that 'Sideline Ho' contest Monica is running? Top prize is you get to go to the Soul Train Awards with her. *forming blog prayer circle*

Head Chick said...

Krista is funny :)