Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Talking the Talk

So far, new Atlanta Falcons head coach Bobby Petrino is telling me what I want to hear concerning Michael Vick:

"We've spent a lot of time evaluating all of his throws and made a lot of videotape. So we've looked at all of his three-step throws, his five-step, his deep play action. We really feel like he can make all of the throws you need to make."

Add one more person to the list that has watched ALL of the Falcons' games from last season. Anybody with such viewing experience can see that Vick is a fine passer. And everyone in the organization, coaches, receivers, linemen, etc. need to commit themselves to supporting the improvements Michael Vick has made in his skill set.

If Petrino's offensive strategy is successful, Vick won't be breaking anymore quarterback rushing records. However, Petrino is impressed with Vick's running ability - to the extent it extends the play.

"It's amazing. But the thing that I liked when you watched Michael on his runs was that he protected himself. He'd get out of bounds. He did get down at times. He didn't take the hits running."

But Petrino still sees room for improvement with Vick. Petrino is committed to improving Vick's footwork and set point in the pocket.

Keep talking, Petrino. So far, your voice is music to my ears.



Signal to Noise said...

Do you get the feeling that a coach who made his bones in college like Petrino probably would have been the right fit for Vick all along? The verdict is still out, but he's talking some serious sense.

DP said...


Phillip said...

you know what bobby pragmatic p?
i think your strategy sucks, kind sir, and i think you should let ron mexico run roughshod at any point he decides he needs 2 start running roughshod; that and when w. dunn and doner gets tired; or, when a crumpler-zone is like quadruple-covered; and that's about it because the falcons receivers are l-a-m-e; like super-limp-dicked-lame; like i gots lots of butter on my hands here (ph)eet...