Thursday, February 22, 2007

This Dude is Beyond Reason

I won't even waste my breath.

Whitlock can talk a lot of smack about the hoodlums at All Star Weekend, but I want him to get back to me when he goes to a NASCAR race by himself and has a wonderful time.

Here's the link to Jason Whitlock's latest asinine "writing."

I guess Jason was pleased as punch that he made the top of the Drudge Report, so he steps up the rhetoric to launch an attack on "The Black KKK", whatever that is. And to do so, he provides some inane story about a exchange at an airline counter! It's not even rationally related to the "point" he's trying to make. Jason Whitlock is not even logical. He's just the self-appointed leader of the movement against the "The Black KKK", I suppose. Like I said, that doesn't even make sense.

Don't take him seriously! As evidence that he is merely on a media grab, here is his new tagline:

If you'd like to schedule a radio or television interview with Jason, please email him at Do not call.

See you on Bill O'Reilly, Jason. Go ahead and put this picture in your press kit:

1 comment:

Gangsta D said...

Did you read his response on NBA Fanhouse? I'm not buying it. He built up all the venom that appeared in the aol column in one day? Totally. Not. Buying. It.