Thursday, February 22, 2007

When You Cry, I Cry

When, I saw this image of Dwyane on my TV last night while watching the game, my eyes started watering. Why? Because I'm a girl. You shouldn't expect much. Get well soon, Dwyane. I mean, seriously, please get well. I can just smell a Spurs-Pistons finals on the horizon.

(Thanks to Awful Announcing for doing the screen cap work I was too lazy to do. Sucka!)


Gangsta D said...

Whatever. There's no crying in basketball. I've seen dudes tear ACLs and never see any waterworks. And what's with the wheelchair? Your shoulder hurts so much you can't walk?

twins15 said...

That was hard to watch, and must have been even harder for Heat fans... bye bye playoffs in Miami if he's done for the year.