Monday, March 12, 2007

Emmit Smith is No Michael Irvin

I continue to mourn the loss of Michael Irvin from the football television universe. The addition of Emmitt Smith to ESPN's NFL coverage does not console me.

Not only is Emmitt's penchant for satin shirts no match for Irvin's wide tie knots and 232 button suits, Emmitt is BORING. Don't get me wrong. Emmitt is a nice guy, but he seeks not to offend. And reserved opinions don't make for interesting commentary. I've always struggled to stay awake during Monday Night Football. I wonder if I'll make it to kickoff now.

And Emmitt will be judged on his ability to replace Michael Irvin, which we all know he can't. Shockingly, the ESPN commenter function has proved useful, allowing me to provide the perfect synopsis of this personnel change. ".. Mike was the reason it was entertaining! Emmitt is about as exciting as Ball Room dancing! Mike was like having MC Hammer on the show!" Well said, Rice6161. Well said.


Krista said...

What you are saying is, Emmitt isn't high half the time. You know Mike couldn't focus on camera half the time. Always looked like he'd caught a pie in the face, but there was no pie...And it wasn't the # of buttons for me it was the colors and the plaids in his suits that killed me. Looked like the Town Clown from Captain Kangaroo on the regular...

MCBias said...

ha! Nothing better than a little self-praise. Isn't that right, mcbias? Anyway, I'm envious of your cool label cloud. Where did you get it? Later.