Saturday, March 10, 2007

Hot Lesbian Action!

It's been a couple of days and I don't think the Pokey Chatman story is getting enough attention. I'm not afraid to say that the story is the funniest thing I've heard all offseason. Are we that PC now that we can't revel in a little bit of hot lesbian action? Lesbian State University? Poke jokes? Taking the name of this blog a little too seriously? All funny, right?

It is alleged that Ms. Pokey was carrying on a sexual relationship with one of her former players, but are there more? Assistant Coach Starkey said, "There's been 20 to 25 things that are just floating out there.." Really? Pokey has been getting down like that? Had she gotten so comfortable in her 18 years at LSU she felt okay recruiting girls for more than just basketball? She's a sexual predator! This is one of those proud, but not so proud days for womankind. Like when Black girls got King Magazine.

Is this a sign of some sort of epidemic in women's basketball? Sheryl Swoopes got "turned out" by her assistant coach. This is a funny story, right?


But it's unfortunate that the ladies who committed their basketball careers to Pokey are left in the lurch.

And when LSU Athletic Director Skip Bertman referred to the allegations surrounding Chatman, Bertman said:

"The girl did what she did and LSU had no control over that."

"Girl"? Chatman is 37 years old and is by no means a girl. It was more than a little disrespectful for Bertman to refer to her that way, no matter what issues are occuring within the university. I don't know if he felt justified in doing that because Pokey is a lady or Black or both. But it's unacceptable.

And speaking of uncomfortable things, the tried and true double standard rears its head concerning Chatman. This probably wouldn't be so funny, even to me, if it was a male coach and a female player. And although a sexual relationship between a coach and a player is inappropriate, it's a relationship between two adults. And Pokey's seemingly being cast aside by LSU without as much as a formal investigation (although she's still drawing her salary). I can't help but think of Latasha Byears, the LA Sparks player accused of raping a teammate, but never even charged. She was dismissed from her job shortly before the LA Lakers began bending over backwards to support Kobe Bryant, also charged with rape (with far more evidence, btw). The Lakers were happy to spend unlimited amounts on private planes to shuttle Bryant between court dates and games, but didn't have much consideration in deciding whether Byears got to keep her $60,000/year job.

Will Pokey get another job coaching basketball? She won 90 games in three seasons for LSU. Surely, she deserves a chance to lick her wounds in a lower profile program. That's how the guys do it. Male coaches can choke players, lie on their resumes and they get a second chance. Pokey should get a second chance too.

Oh, well. Even with hot lesbian action, it can be hard to see the fun in women's basketball.


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evan said...

The difference between someone coming out in men's sports as opposed to women's is that when it happens for a woman, it just confirms the misconception. For guys, it works against the norm.

Unprofessional if she did have the relationship(s) and hope that she can square herself to continue coaching at a top level.