Sunday, March 25, 2007

The Man Tried To Keep Us Down...

In this case, the Man constituted the refs and the big White boy with the fucked up teeth.

Still, Georgetown triumphed after the Tarheels CHEATED the whole first half. The calls were ridiculous. But I was just proud of my guys for just staying in the game. But, then, UNC got what they deserved - karma. The tarheels went ice, ice cold baby and Georgetown humiliated the Tarheels in overtime. Those argyle wearing punks and the well traveling Tarheel faithful should've had that game sewn up, but with a little Black star power requiring the Thompson, Ewing and Rivers families to join forces, Georgetown won in triumphant fashion.

So, yeah, for real this time, I need tickets to the Final 4. So, if you have a hook up, let a sista know. But whether I check out Georgetown's return to dominance at the GA Dome or Atlantic Station or on my own flat screen, I know Hoya Paranoia is here to stay. The past has become the present - and the future.

For a detailed breakdown of the game, with special focus on the horrendous officiating, check this out.


nation_of_islam_sportsblog said...


The past?

Please, G'town's past is not all that. One NCAA title back in the early 80's and a coupla final four appearances? That's cute.

Signal to Noise said...

Billy Packer was in the tank for UNC as much as the refs were for most of that game, and Jim Nantz either wouldn't or couldn't call him on it.

Classic Roy Williams choke job at the end, too. The only reason Roy has a ring is because May, Felton, and McCants wouldn't let him lose a couple years back (and Bruce Weber did an admirable job of aping the Williams choke for Illinois.)