Wednesday, March 28, 2007

The Offseason is For Optimism!

This has been a slow news week for sports. I could write about Serena getting heckled with some racist slurs. But, frankly, I'm still pretty bitter Sabrina and Stephanie were voted off of American Idol. Consequently, I'm not in the right frame of mind to write about that tennis nonsense.

So, since there's not much going on in sports, I figured I could just start making shit up.

So here's a good one. Michael Vick will be the MVP of the NFL next season.

It could happen.

I'm not so much sold on new head coach, Bobby Petrino, but I'm loving the Falcons' new focus on the QB position. And I think Vick will respond to the challenge. For sure, the gauntlet has been thrown.

We now have three receivers available who can actually catch the ball (Crumpler, Horn, Finneran). That's two more than we had last year (Fuck you, Roddy White).

Vick will be allowed to call his own plays, which he never has been able to do before.

Coach Petrino is challenging Vick to throw with a 65% completion rate next season, although he's never thrown over 58% before. Furthermore, Petrino is stressing to Vick that he is going to have to trust his receivers, running backs, etc. before taking over the game by running the ball. This is a welcome new philosophy. Even though Vick's passing skills have improved, the improvement was negated by his understandable lack of confidence in the receiving core. Unfortunately, the coaches reinforced the lack of trust in their play calling. I'm glad Petrino plans to do things differently.

And best of all, the Falcons dumped Matt Schaub. His presence was an albatross for Vick. And now he's gone. Vick was so moved by the Falcons support that he felt compelled to address the water bottle incident. Whether he was telling the truth or not, it was clearly a sincere attempt in his mind to put the incident behind him. Vick doesn't want to have any thing standing in the way of that MVP!

Mike is trying to work on his image. He still has the cornrows, but he opened a wine shop. The water bottle apology was kind of awkward, but he's been front and center at Falcons' offseason workouts. Michael Vick is being pushed and challenged. Hopefully toward more than 8 wins. Hopefully toward the playoffs. And maybe even toward the MVP trophy.

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Mini Me said...

Coach Petrino is challenging Vick to throw with a 65% completion rate next season

Well that is the funniest thing I have heard all day.