Monday, March 19, 2007

Upgrade U?

Technically, Jay-Z is an NBA owner. So, technically, Jayhova comings and goings constitute sports news.

I helped fuel speculation that Jigga and Beyonce's relationship was due in part to contract stipulations in both their agreements with the New Jersey Nets. However, Hov has the most to lose if Jayonce (or Bey-Z, take your pick) can't maintain their courtside appearnaces.

So is Hova auditioning her replacement?

Thursday night, Young Hov appeared courtside at the New Jersey Nets... with pop singer, Rihanna. Word on the street is that she and S Dot were sitting side by side at the game until they noticed photos being taken. You may notice the striking resemblance to Ms. Knowles. Or recall her similar booty shake videos. But what makes this appearance between Pon Di Forehead and Young H.O. particularly egregious is that Shawn Carter and Rihanna have been the subject of rumors for a while. I can't imagine that B enjoyed seeing her Jigga "man" photographed with another beautiful singer. Maybe she should sue Rihanna for tortious interfernce with a contract?

Maybe J can replace B, but he can't upgrade her. Rihanna is young, hot and Bajan, but no Beyonce. On the other hand, B is not in the same situation. She can upgrade easily. Maybe she'll go back and watch game tape of Jennifer Lopez to break down how that's done.

Still, S Dot Carter is an NBA owner of a different stripe. He is much more interesting than those silly owners being fined for talking about a 19 year old dude.

(Thirteen aliases were used to refer to a single person in this article. Hooray!)


DP said...

Pon Di Forehead.

Even though you stole get points for using it.

Miss SunsGossip said...

hahaha I don't keep up on my Ri-Ri nicknames, that one was pretty funny.