Sunday, March 11, 2007

What You Need To Know About Georgetown For the Tourney

1. Token White Guy(s)

Traditionally, Georgetown has had one token white guy. But new coaches bring new innovation and now we're going with two - Sead Dizdarevic and Kenny Izzo. They're getting the job done and I want to shout out our two token white guys. You don't play much, but you've done a hell of a job doing, doing... whatever it is you do.

2. Touching family stories

Georgetown offers you, not one, but two touching family tales. One of the Thompsons. One of the Ewings. Love us, red states.

3. Star Players

Jeff Green and Roy Hibbert. Your favorite team only has one star player? Too bad. And watch out for Patrick Ewing, Jr.

4. Advantages

Size. Pretty good depth. Unselfishness. Confusing Princeton offense. Suffocating defense.

5. How we've gotten it done

Well, it started it off okay. We were ranked #8 going into the season. We won at first - to Hartford and at Vanderbilt. Then we lost to Old Dominion. Fuck them. Then we won again to Fairfield and Ball State. Then we lost to Oregon and Duke. Fuck them too. Then we won seven games in a row, bitches. We beat Notre Dame and Michigan. Then we lost to Pittsburgh and Villanova. Then we went on The Streak. Georgetown has lost only 1 game since January 17 (to Syracuse. Fuck those NIT playing mofos.). Now we're Big East conference champions - regular season and tournament. The banner will be hung.

Yeah, Georgetown had some ugly early season losses. But the team clawed its way back to it's current #9 rank and #2 seed in the tourney. If the team had not had those early season stumbles, who's to say how high we would be ranked or whether or not it would have been arguable that we should have gotten a #1 seed. Georgetown has won 15 out of 16 games. We're hot now. Recognize.

If you don't have Georgetown in your sweet 16, you're trippin'. If you have Georgetown in your Elite 8, you may be rewarded. And if you have a hookup for tix to the Final Four, holla! I'm right here in town. Trip to the world's largest aquarium. On me.

I will return soon with predictions for the Big East teams in the tourney.

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Gangsta D said...

Does anyone call Pat Ewing, J.R. Ewing? Isn't that a perfect nickname, or am I too stuck in the 80's?

The East is LOADED. UNC, G-Town, and Texas? Whoever comes out of there is gonna be battle tested, but maybe a little beat up. My heart says the Hoyas, but with Kevin Durant in the region anything is possible.