Tuesday, March 20, 2007

You're Still Sexy Redux

Alas, Awful Announcing brings the news that Gus Johnson won't be joining us for the rest of the tournament. For some reason, CBS prefers their big name, high priced talent like James Brown. Nonetheless, I will remember Gus Johnson fondly. I didn't even realize it was Gus. Still, for the last several days, I've been thinking, "Whoever is calling those games from Rupp Arena is crunk as hell." Being from Atlanta, I love all things crunk.

So, Gus, even though you often weren't in HD when you were supposed to be, you did a great job. You're no Anthony Grant, but when you get me excited about March Madness, that means you're sexy to me.


DP said...

Gus did his thing.

Im mad they are sending him home.

Mini Me said...

I am very upset as well about Gus. He is fantastic and James Brown is inexperienced and not very good.

miKeSee said...

Quickly, Gus Johnson has pretty much become the John Madden of college BBall play-by-play guys. Seriously, this dude is pretty much the best out there hands-down.

Not Billy Packer nor Dicky "I love the Dukies" V. can touch this guy.

This is a TRAVESTY!

I don't know if JB is going to be as good as Gus but I suspect he's going to do at least okay. But he's great at football. Leave the college bball to Gus.