Saturday, March 17, 2007

You're Still Sexy

I was kind of rooting for you, Anthony Grant, but not really. Another VCU win wouldn't have done anything good for my brackets. Especially since I didn't pick the first one, lol. But I enjoyed the game against Pitt nonetheless. And I enjoyed how you shunned the suit jacket during your stay in the tournament to show off your fantastic body. And, as a secondary matter, it seems like you are also a pretty good coach. You beat Coach K and the evil Duke empire. And you took Pitt to overtime. Somehow, I suspect we'll be seeing you and the rest of the VCU whatever-your-mascot-is. So stay in the gym. Maybe switch to flat front pants. I can't wait until your certain return.


K-Lance said...

Well, I'm glad he didn't beat my Panthers. But he's still a smooth brutha...almost as smooth as me.

But seriously, you think he's going to be at VCU in 2 years?

The HCIC said...

VCU in 2 years? Hell no. Especially since he has the Florida pedigree. Plus he needs a bigger program that wil give him more air time :).

Gangsta D said...

When he leaves, maybe VCU will hire Tubby Smith:)

DP said...

Mr. Grant, The university of Michigan is on line one.

Mr. Amaker, Virginia Commonwealth University is on line 2.

My wife was too rooting against the beloved Pittsburgh Panthers as soon as she realized just who Mr. Grant was coaching.