Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Hope Springs Eternal!

I was devastated by the news last week that Georgetown Hoyas Jeff Green and Roy Hibbert had entered their names into the NBA draft. Both have declined to hire agents, so I got on my knees and prayed that both of those guys would choose to stay in school.

Today, my selfish prayers may have been answered. I may still have the opportunity to gloat and talk smack about how great the Hoyas are next year! Jeff Green has hedged. He has declared himself 70% likely to stay in school.

"School is only going to be here four years. The NBA will be there forever. You can't just give up that. That's a big thought in this process."

That's right, Jeff. Only 1 year of eligibility left on the well manicured lawns of Georgetown. You can't just walk away from that kind of landscaping.

Roy Hibbert is also stoking the fires of hope. He has declared himself 50% likely to return to school.

"Do I want to go eight-through-14, or do I want to go top three next year? That does play a factor in my decision."
Roy's Georgetown education has clearly paid off with solid reasoning skills.

"I wouldn't want to be at the end of a bench on an NBA team, not being able to develop and show what I can do, so another year here would be great, obviously. But I'm just going to see if Coach thinks I'm ready. I would love to come back and get a national championship banner in here. We were close this year, but next year could be great."
Yes, Roy. Next year could be great. Please stay.



DP said...

Makes sense to me.

They should avoid the agent and let it play out.

nation_of_islam_sportsblog said...

Ma'am, I love the fact that you are so optimistic.

As soon as they get a more definitive assessment of their draft status, they will be gone.

Wave goodbye!

See, it's been so long since Georgetown has been relevent or been in this situation that you don't understand, schools that go through this every year do understand. The kids DO this. They hedge. But they leave. The ones that STAY are the onese that DON'T hedge.

Don't worry, you guys may eventually get some more experience with this situation.

Til then, ask Tar Heel fans how this process goes. :)

nation_of_islam_sportsblog said...

Ma'am...oh, and one last point.

Don't be optimistic.

Plan your season as if they will be gone.

Again, ask a Tar Heel fan.

Big Blue Monkey said...

Don't listen to those dirty Mosslems! They are attempting to tear apart our country by attacking our capitol's most important institutions, like Georgetown basketball.

My true Islam posse of Keith Ellison and Brother Ali say that Jeff Green is coming back, baby!

nation_of_islam_sportsblog said...

"They are attempting to tear apart our country by attacking our capitol's most important institutions, like Georgetown basketball."

Sir, any entity that goes to the final four every 25 years is irrelevent....certainly not an institution.

For institutions having to do with college hoops, we refer you to: