Monday, April 23, 2007

The Lure of the Atlanta Braves

Apparently, Dontrelle Willis of the Florida Marlins loves the Atlanta Braves. So much so, he chose to pitch against the Braves Monday night in lieu of being at his wife's bedside as she prepared to deliver their first child. Supposedly, his wife told Dontrelle, "Go have fun. I’ll be fine." She didn't mean that shit, Dontrelle. Did he really think his wife wanted him to pitch a meaningless game in April as she sat waiting to induce labor for his professional convenience? Old enough to make a baby. Not enough sense to deal with a woman...

And in other Braves news of the weird, the Atlanta franchise has chosen to become the first sports team to offer interest free financing for season tickets. As long as you are willing to spend $200, you can toss Braves tickets onto your pile of mounting debt. It's 90 days, same as cash, folks. I'm sure they will be offering bedroom sets and used cars in concessions any day now. Supposedly, the Braves are concerned about declining season ticket sales. Maybe they could try adding just one Black player to the roster that maybe a town full of Black folk might be interested in coming to the park to root for. Just one.

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Pacifist Viking said...

This reminds me of when athletes win a championship, and they say something like, "Other than my children being born, this is the greatest day of my life." And I think, "Cripes, man, almost anybody can have a baby! It doesn't take anything. Billions of people have done it. You just won a championship! How many people have done that? Just watch Maury--you don't have to be special to make a baby happen."

Though in baseball, what with the pitchers having days off between starts...I probably would have just waited and started the next game.