Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Matt Schaub Returns, Only Prettier

Today, Joey Harrington began his new job as the Atlanta Falcons No. 2 quarterback, behind Michael Vick.

As a football decision, I am pleased with the signing of Harrington. He is experienced. He will surely be a competent back up QB. Quietly, I've always liked Harrington. I think he got a raw deal in Detroit and he was making strides in Miami. Ever since his college days, he's always played with an enthusiasm that resonates with me.

But, as a Michael Vick supporter, this is one of the dark days in Falcon history. And after I proclaimed that Vick had the full support of the Falcons organization. The Man has tricked me again! If Vick haters made a savior of Matt Schaub, I can only brace myself for the coronation that is coming Joey's way. Joey has actually won games. He can throw the ball. And he's handsome and media savvy. Frankly, the Vick haters would have settled for anybody not wearing cornrows, but they hit the jackpot with Joey.

To be sure the Vick haters are enthusiastic about the signing. From the AJC blog:

Harrington will be the starter by week 5 next season and will lead the birds to 4 victories and a 5-11 season. I don’t hate Mike Vick, I don’t know Mike Vick, and as far as his off-field problems who did not do something stupied when he was in his early 20’s? ON the field, he is a bottom tier QB at this point in my opinion. I wish we could trade for David Garrard from Jacksonville or Daunte Culpepper from Miami or just get an also ran for a year or two like Trent Green. As far as big Grady, I say goodbye and draft a big guy who can move.

See, some of them think they are actually intelligent about football. Trade Trent Green for Michael Vick? Yes, some people here can say that with a straight face.

The rest of them are just idiots.

Oh No! Not another WHITE QB breathing down Vick’s back. DJ will be gone and as soon as the Falcons can afford to get rid of Vick, we will have all WHITE QBs again. What will all you Thugs do then? I guess you will always be able to see the Hawks.

The Hawks? That's just a low blow. Vick doesn't deserve that.

Part of me is happy that Harrington is a Falcon. The other part of me is praying that Vick can shake the haters off one mo 'gin. He should be used to it by now anyway.


Mini Me said...

In a league in which backups suck, Harrington isn't too shabby.

Ted said...

I can't see how competition is a bad thing. It should only make the team better and we upgraded this year's (and next year's) draft.

The problem is that race will always be a back drop of the discussion around Vick and it gets really hard to separate his performance entirely.

The fact that Vick has been in the league for as long as he has and has shown flashes of being a complete qb makes it even more muddied. The Pittsburgh and Cincy games this year looked like aha moments for Vick but then his arm disappeared the rest of the year.

How much of that is coaching? I don't have a clue. Mora did not impress me so I still really don't know what kind of qb he can be. He's fun to watch about %60 of the time and frustrating the rest of the time. I guess we'll find out more this year.