Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Michael Vick Continues to have Airport Issues

Michael Vick was scheduled to speak to Congress on Monday. No, not about tourism to Mexico. Or the nuances of cornrows. Or to request emergency funding for wide receivers.

Instead, Vick was supposed to meet with lawmakers and receive an award from Afterschool Alliance for his foundation's funding and support for alternative programs for youths outside of the classroom.

Instead, Michael Vick was in Tampa attending strip clubs Warren Sapp's charity golf tournament. Apparently, the action on the green was so intense, Vick missed his flight to Washington and was unable to have his day at the Capitol. Damn that Airtran! Not only was Vick too cheap to get a private plane to make the appointment, he drunk dialed his mother in the middle of the night and forced her to go in his place.

"It honestly was not his fault," Vick's publicist, Susan Bass said. "He was trying to do the right thing."


That's our quarterback!

Update: This is has turned into a battle of he-said, AirTran said. Vick claims he arrived too late in Atlanta because of flight delays to make his connection to DC. Further, he says that Airtran refused to accomodate him on 2 later flights into the DC area because AirTran was oversold. Oversold for their spokesmand and beloved endorser?! AirTran claims that Vick was booked on a 10:50 pm flight to DC with 20 empty seats and notified of the accomodation, but that Michael Vick didn't show up. Ahh.. can't u feel the love of sponsorship?


Gangsta D said...

I wonder what Vick and Warren were doing that would make Mike forget he had a flight. Golf you say? Yeah, I'm sure that was it.

Country Grammar said...

They were probably chilling with Luther Campbell and Bruce Gradkowski trying to see who could make it rain the heaviest.

Ted said...

ok...he didn't want to wait around for the late night flight. Thats somewhat understandable but what about this pit bull operation in Virginia? This guy's image is shot. It seems unlikely he knew nothing about it