Monday, April 30, 2007

The Week in Vick

Even money that Michael Vick turns up crying on a Sunday Conversation.

Michael Vick has had a busy week. Too much for me to keep up with.

On Monday, Vick was supposed to speak to Congress to discuss funding for urban football facilities. But then he missed his flight on the airline that he endorses from Tampa (where he was playing golf in the Warren Sapp charity event) to Washington. Vick and AirTran got into a war of words about whose fault it was that Vick didn't travel to DC.

A few days later, Vick gets rung up on trespassing charges for fishing in the Western Branch Lake in Suffolk County, VA. He beat that charge, presumably after paying $116 in fines and court costs.

The whole week, a property owned by Vick in Virginia has been under investigation for dog fighting. Vick claims that his family members reside at the property and that he has no knowledge of what goes on there. But when authorities searched the property in connection with Vick's cousin's arrest on drug charges, they found neglected animals and evidence of dog fighting, including veterinary medications, treadmills for training and blood-soaked carpets similar to the ones used in fight pits.

It is disturbing that animal cruelty has become a trend on the Falcons roster. And I am disturbed that, maybe for the first time, I think Michael Vick is flat out lying about his knowledge of what did and did not go on at that property. I believe the "jewelry in my trick water bottle" story before I believe that crap.

Vick is an veteran. You don't just let random relatives, especally relatives allegedly involved in drugs, just do whatever they want to do at property that has your name on the title. I can't believe Vick never noticed these dog pens on his property. He probably paid for them too.

The Falcons are waiting for more information, but NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has already had a sitdown with Vick over his myriad off the field issues. Ironically, Goodell had access to Vick because Michael was at the NFL draft trying to do good on behalf of Virginia Tech.

Vick told ESPN:

"After what happened ... I just wanted to crawl in a hole. I can't take it no more. I walk around with a smile on my face and act like I'm happy, but on the inside it's hurting. And it's killing me. I ain't got no more energy left for it. The more I continue to do things and my name is in the media, I'm not going to get anywhere.

I'm taking it upon myself and giving everybody my word that things are going to get changed around. Things are going to get turned around. I have a game plan for it. ... The company I keep, a lot of things (have) got to change, and I mean that from the heart."

Except that he meant it from the heart the last time and the time before that and the time before that... The trust is gone, Ron Mexico.


Mini Me said...

Michael Vick. You career as a whole has been a laughing stalk. Just embarrassing. Pathetic.

gsi45scada said...

What does all Vick's off the field "incidents" have to do with football? NOTHING. No one has ever proved definitively that off field behavior correlates to on the field performance. Most of the best players over the years have had many vices that by comparison really illustrate Vick's "incidents" as petty instances of bullshit that got over-hyped by the media. Tabloid newspapers (AJC), radio drama queens (Colin Cowherd), and sensationalist dramatic TV (ESPN) wins again.

gsi45scada said...

Oh yeah, nice blog by the way.

DP said...

Michael Michael Michael...

get it together gettin too old for this.