Thursday, May 10, 2007

Arthur Blank Goes All "Stern" On Vick

Falcons owner Arthur Blank, concerned that quarterback Michael Vick could be suspended by the NFL, has had another meeting with his embattled star where "I could not have been more stern."

Blank spoke to Vick in person about a series of recent off-the-field incidents, most recently an ongoing investigation of illegal dog fighting at a property he owns in Virginia.

Blank said he did not know if Vick has any involvement but, "from the facts we have so far, it's not a pretty picture. It's clearly an issue and we'll wait and see what revolves around it. I'm not a prosecutor or an attorney so I'm not going to sit in judgment of Michael."

Arthur Blank isn't a snitch, but he gave his boy up for his own good. I turns out it was Blank himself who sent Michael Vick to NFL commissioner Roger Gooddell to speak to Michael Vick about his misconduct.

Stating the obvious, Arthur Blank is smarter than Michael Vick. It was very, very clever of Blank to be proactive in dealing with the league commissioner. In the future, the commissioner may be lenient with Vick, if that becomes necessary. And it makes the Falcons organization look cooperative in the commissioners' eyes. It's always a good idea to get in good with the big boss. Good thing somebody is thinking ahead in the Falcons organization. Can't have Mike doing all the intellectual heavy lifting.

I typically frown on business people who make personal decisions concerning the company and normally look sideways at paternalistic White people, but I have no reason to suspect Arthur Blank is doing either right now. Blank has consistently demonstrated a genuine loyalty to Vick, whether he's pushing his wheelchair or signing off on his hundred something million dollar salary. Arthur has consistently stood by Vick despite Mike's constant missteps. It may indicate that Blank is too close to his employee, but I don't doubt that Blank has the franchise's best interests at heart. Blank is doing it his way - the warm and fuzzy way apparently - and I can accept that. Arthur Blank warned Michael about endangering his endorsements and said he told Vick, "You represent us as a franchise, you represent yourself as a person and you represent the NFL. It's not one single thing, it's a series of things." There's no flaw in that approach.

When people start doing random, WTF stuff, it's usually a sign of trouble at home - a person who lacks a parent or a significant other or even a good friend. If Arthur Blank insists on being Michael's friend, that's a good thing. According to unnamed sources in Vick's camp, Michael listens to the last person who speaks to him. If the last person Vick heard is Arthur Blank, then maybe fans can be hopeful that Mike can put his Ron Mexico days behind him. Good news. Michael Vick is selling the house (and the dog pens) in Virginia. It's probably too early to tell if he will rebuild trouble elsewhere.



DP said...

You dont make the kind of money Arthur Blank makes being stupid.

This wasnt a Personnel decision, this was public relations.

He sent Vick to sit down with King Roger to get it out of the way, so if it got worse, King Roger would believe he has already addressed it.

now if Mike can only sit down somewhere until July.

Smokey12 said...


The enormous financial investment aside for the moment, have you considered at all that the Falcons might be better without Vick at quarterback?

My opinion is that adding an extra running back to the backfield (even a very good one) is not a substitute for a below average quarterback.

This is not a call for the backup - just asking, after 6 NFL seasons, are you comfortable with his shortcomings?

The HCIC said...


I am genuinely happy with Michael Vick at quarterback. I no longer feel that he is "injury prone." And he has improved every year in his position. Regrettably, he he has been saddled with questionable coaching and receivers. Consequently, it makes it difficult to evaluate Vick in his individual position. But I think he is doing ok.

He has learned to throw away the ball when necessary and his passing accuracy has improved tremendously. Honestly, sometimes last year, he seemed like he was the only one on the field who cffared (e.g., Saints loss at home). By all accounts, he has been working hard up at Flowery Branch. So I'm satisfied with that. I watch every single game, so I am not concerned with what the ESPN crew has to say about his abilities.

MCBias said...

It still bothers me that Vick is a liar. It's not so much the incidents, although the dog fighting is pretty nasty. It's the way he attempts to weasel and whine his way out of blame. Doesn't bode well for a franchise QB.

MCBias said...

Even Lang Whitaker, a big Atlanta fan, has turned on him a bit: