Friday, May 18, 2007

Because He Learned From the Best

Former Atlanta Falcons backup quarterback Matt Schaub is enthusiastically establishing himself as the leader of the Houston Texans.

Surely, he learned everything about leadership from Michael Vick. After three years as his backup, Matt Schaub has certainly learned everything NOT to do if you want to be seen as leader.

Fresh from number 7's tutelage, Schaub asserted himself by calling key Texans' players on the very same day he was released from the Falcons. For one, WR Andre Johnson was impressed. "That was big. A lot of people don't do that when it's their first day with the team. I think just by him doing that he caught a lot of guys' attention." No dog fighting or airport issues for Schaub this offseason. Instead he undertook dozens of workouts with his new receiver.

Although Schaub was the backup in Atlanta, I'm disappointed to learn that he wasn't sharing his leadership textbook with Vick. Apparently, he's a natural. Texans head coach Gary Kubiak reflects, "That's his personality. That's something I think is his strength and we kind of knew that. People gravitate to the young man. He has a lot of confidence in what everybody's doing, not just what he's doing and you can see that on the field."

Better late than never, Schaub offers a tidbit of leadersip advice.

"Everybody leads in different ways, whether it's by example or vocally. You've got to find a happy medium, being a new guy. You've got to take the reins, but you want to show guys that you're out here to work and get better and do it by example, not just be the voice."

Speak up, Matt. I don't think Michael can hear you over the white noise of denials, blame and "no comments".

BTW, I'm still an ardent supporter of the Falcons and our fearless "leader". Irony amuses me though.

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restrictedfreedom said...

This kid is going bomb! Im sorry, but I think he is a big mistake for Houston. On to yet another losing season.