Wednesday, May 16, 2007

The Conspiracy Against Vick

Get over it already.

Common sense says that Michael Vick fights dogs and lied about it.

The media seems determined to prove it though. Why? Who cares? I don't find this story to be actually interesting anymore. Training camps have started. It would interest me to hear how Vick is handling Coach Petrino's new offense. What is this campaign against Vick about? Dogfighting? Veracity? Undermining Michael Vick just for the sport of it?

The media is just doctoring up controversy. The latest headline is that an "investigator" claims there are witnesses and even video evidence that Michael Vick attended dog fights. Even if I cared, I wonder why the media felt the need to trump up the source of this latest "development" in the story. The so-called "investigator" is an animal control officer. A goddamn dogcatcher. And a dogcatcher who belongs to animal welfare groups. Not only is the source not neutral, the source has little to no power to do anything to Michael Vick.

Sure I appreciate the efforts of animal control officers, but the only person with the power to pursue criminal charges against Michael Vick is the Surry County attorney Gerald Poindexter and he says:

"I'm not going to be a party to a witch hunt. "This [process] will not be driven by people who hate Michael Vick, love Michael Vick or people who love animals."

Amen to that. Like a mere dogcatcher could bring down Ron Mexico anyway.

Bonus coverage! Pacifist Viking breaks down the mainstream media outlook on the Vick Story.


P said...

Folks are so greedy. Michael Vick, when he first came out, was hailed as the second coming.

Now, that Dorothy has told Toto that they don't believe they are in Kansas anymore, then all kinds of high school drama is surfacing.

You never hear anything from some of the Jim Bob Superstars of the NFL who perhaps have, say, a different color than Vick.

Frankly, I think Vick is a hot mess and is ghetto, but that doesn't mean ghetto is bad. I just mean there are other things that the Falcons could be concentrating on, other than Ron Mexico and how many Rott's he has at the house.

Larry Brown said...

The media built up Michael Vick into a superstar, making the public feel that he was the best player in the league with ungodly talents. I believe that their way of atoning for being "had" by Vick, is to try to bring him down with as much vigor as was used to build him up. Sort of like a sordid form of retribution. If they hadn't built him up as much, the off-the-field stuff wouldn't be as big of a deal.