Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Different Strokes for Different Folks

Like a moth to the flame, Terrell Owens finally gave the media an audience on the last day of training camp. When asked what he got out of one year of Bill Parcells' tutelage, Owens answered, "Nothing." That one word got Terrell all the headlines. There are no less than three current articles about Owens on the WWL.com with hundreds of comments after each. The hometown paper has already started hating, imploring us not to hand out a merit badge to Owens just because he showed up to training camp and impressed everyone. Fair enough. Owens is a star. Anything he says is going to get a lot of attention.

But what about Julius Jones' comments? Now those were actually provocative. When asked about Parcells, Jones said:

"I was being told a little bit where to run and not really being able to use my instincts," Jones said Sunday. "Maybe I listened to coach (Bill) Parcells a little too much and was kind of running like a robot. ... I was being coached and just listening to my coach."

To me, that's a much more substantial critique of future HOF coach Bill Parcells than what Owens said. We could dissect the merits of a "great" coach reducing his star talent to robots all day long on sports talk. But, eh, Owens is the bigger star, so all the focus on him.

And I fear Michael Vick is entering Terrell Owens territory. And I don't mean being world class at his position (fingers crossed, though). The WWL.com also has a few current articles about the Falcons. And I'm sure the recent spotlight on the Falcons has nothing to do with Michael Vick and dogfighting. Nothing at all.

But if there was truly outrage over the dog fighting issue and/or consequences, why nary of mention of Jonathan Babineaux of the Falcons. He is not accused of merely fighting dogs, but of killing one with his bare hands. He barely gets attention, even from the hometown newspaper. Babineaux is not a star, so I guess the substance doesn't matter.

The outrage and attention is over the person, not the actual issue.


Pacifist Viking said...

It's frustrating when a player responds to a question, and it is the response that gets the pub without the question.

When Randy Moss said "I play when I want to play," he was responding to the question, "Does Cris Carter motivate you?" or some such question. Now, all evidence suggests Moss really does dog it, but it's that quote that really seemed to sink Moss's reputation.

I read some outrage over Babineux. Of course a star player is going to get more attention (and you could argue whether a heat-of-passion murder of an animal is better or worse than organizing serial torture of dogs--I wouldn't say one is better or worse than the other).
And there are everyday schlubs who get arrested for killing animals all the time, too, that didn't get the attention Babineux got. It's all relative to the person and the action. Guy down my street murders a dog--no news. Obscure NFL player murders a dog--some news. NFL star organizes a dog-fighting ring--big news.

DP said...

PV, he didnt ORGANIZE the league...not even allegedly. The best we can allege is that he KNEW about it being done on property owned by him and did nothing to stop it.

That said, HC...you know how the game is played. I am going to assume you are just calling it like you see it and not expressing some kind of surprise.

Julius Jones should have a much better year this year, providing they do running plays more suited to his running style.