Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Has Terrell Been Out-T.O.-ed?!

Oh, snap! When I heard about the Randy Moss trade to the Patriots, I thought of the most obvious affected party. Not Randy. Not the Patriots. Not the AFC. Not even the rest of the NFL, who might consider just packing it in early before they are left in the dust by the ridiculously stacked Tom Bradyettes. Naturally, I could only think of one person - Terrell Owens.

Sooner than ESPN could dust off their tapes of a sobbing, straight cash homey Randy Moss, I wondered what is going to happen to T.O.'s TV time! And Terrell needs his TV time. We all know what happens when Terrell doesn't get the attention he feels he deserves. Hopefully, Randy will be a dutiful and quiet Patriot soldier. If he dares battle Owens for the crazy spotlight, it could get ugly. We should all be wary.

And, furthermore, Owens was the reigning champion of the pout to get my way career track. Owens pouted himself out of San Francisco to Philly, then pouted himself to America's team. To counter, Moss pouted himself out of Minnesota to Oakland and now has pouted himself to the Patriots. The Patriots are automatic Superbowl favorites. And Randy took two years off in Oakland! Meanwhile, Terrell has been doing crunches in his driveway and generally busting his ass. Touche, Randy. This time, afro trumps smile.

There's no telling who's going to triumph next year in the battle of the malcontents.


EC said...

Might I just say that I thought that I was the only freak of nature that thought that too!!

I'm a huge HUGE Patriots fan, and although I was most excited about Randy Moss (although secretly I think he is very close to being T.O), I wondered how T.O. would handle the lack of publicity... lol.

DP said...

Smh...Between the giddy Patriot Fans and the TO sycophants...i think im gonna puke.

TO will get his TV time as long as he gives ESPN something to talk about, especially with the Cowboys being 86 Tuna.

Randy gets to play background to the Genius philanderer and the All American Baby Daddy.

your precious TO will get his air time, never fear.

of course if you dont get enough TO you could always move to Dallas/Fort Worth where it is all Cowboys all the time.

Blue Viking Devil said...

Moss didn't pout his way out of Minnesota. If that would have been the case the fans of the Vikings (myself and others) would despise him, but most of us still love him and wish him the best. The franchise decided to go in a different direction than Randy and thought he was a distraction so they traded him.