Wednesday, May 23, 2007

The Hawks Got the 3rd Pick?! ! So What.

Can you detect my excitement?

Ehhh, I'm so excited.

The joke on sports talk today was that the Hawks should've sent Shelden Williams to represent the Hawks at the draft because, obviously, that one is the luckiest motherfucker alive.

The Hawks got the #3 and the #11 pick in the NBA draft. Don't worry. They'll waste both of them. Don't worry your pretty little heads over who they will pick. If the Hawks accidentally pick good players, said talent will only reveal themselves after they are traded to other teams (see Jason Terry and Boris Diaw for reference).

Meanwhile, potential Hawks draftee, you probably won't learn much from Coach Woodson, but enjoy the strip clubs, the malls and the good restaurants. The liquor stores are closed on Sunday. That's something you'll need to know as you will want to make sure you are never unable to drown your sorrows. And, yes, there will be sorrows.


Signal to Noise said...

If the Hawks take anyone other than Acie Law at that point, you can consider them all out of their minds.

Gangsta D said...

Do you take Acie at #3 or hope he's around at #11? Or do you trade down? With two lottery selections, I can't believe the Hawks will screw this up. I just can't believe they're that incompetent. Right? Right?!?

The HCIC said...

Ha! See what you know. The projection is Mike Conley, Jr. The Hawks just don't need any more young players. Not to mention it has to be immoral at this point to ruin another young man's career.

They should trade the picks.

The Rover said...

Trade them for who? Garnett? Maybe one pick for J. Kidd...

Did you see Acie Law play for A&M? Kid is stone cold. If he can get his own shot off in the pros, he'll be very good. That said...Conley is awesome. He could look like Chris Paul/Deron Williams in year 2.

Besides, it's the Eastern Conference. 39 wins gets you into the playoffs.