Thursday, May 03, 2007

He Throws, He Runs, He Lies

I was relaxing about Michael Vick's seemingly perpetual state of Ron Mexico-ness. I read this hilarious recount of Vick's meeting with the commissioner and was reminded that Mike's an okay guy, just a little simple. Just worry about his on the field issues, I told myself.

I mean, I knew he was lying all along. I just didn't think it would be so easy to prove. Most people can't get away with having dozens of dog pens on their property and feigning innocence of any canine related operations going on at the property. But it turns out with just a little googleing, Michael Vick is in fact the operator of a dog breeding outfit. One that breeds pit bulls and presa canarios. Coincidentally, I'm sure, these breeds make good fighting dogs.

Last week, Vick said:

"I'm never there. I'm never at the house. I left the house with my family members and my cousin. They just haven't been doing the right thing. The issue will get resolved."

Today he has no comment. But I'm sure he'll find away to blame or somebody for that website soon enough.


gsi45scada said...

"I'm never there" is not the same thing as saying "I have never been there". In any case, I must be dense because I still don't see how any of this proves Vick knew about or was involved with dog fighting. And if Vick was involved he should just hire Ray Lewis' lawyer.

Brother T said...

It doesn't prove that he was involved.

But it is just very interesting that there is a BUSINESS THAT HE OWNS THAT BREEDS dogs on the property; and he NEVER acknowledged of addressed it.

You don't find that odd? Or strange?

His response is simply to shrug his shoulders and say his relatives must have been doing something? When in actuality, HE is the owner of a dog business there?

Again, it doesn't prove he was involved in the fighting...but damn...the cat just can't make a smart move.

Is he gonna wait three months to shit out a crappy excuse like he did with the "I had jewelry in the water bottle"...

It's to the point where no one is gonna have any sympathy when his career ends short.

The man is just completely opposed to being honest.

Pacifist Viking said...

Isn't it odd for his dog selling site to explicitly state they don't sell dogs for fighting? Do all dog breeders do so? If I want to go buy steak knives, nobody is going to remind me these knives are for cutting food, not stabbing people.