Wednesday, May 23, 2007

He'll Always Be a Hoya

Jeff Green is staying in the draft. Roy Hibbert is staying in school (yay!).

Good luck to you, Jeff Green. I hope the Hawks don't draft you. I know you said things weren't "set in stone." But it's clearly more likely than not that you're gone. Remember, if the Hawks try to draft you, go back to class.

Roy Hibbert, congratulations on being a member of the class of 2008. You too can be a Georgetown graduate! With any luck, you'll be celebrating a championship and a graduation next spring.

"I said to myself, ’Do I really want to go in the draft and sit on the bench?’ My heart was here.”

Yes, Roy. You'll still be 7'2" next year.

Jeff Green will be a question mark for any NBA team he goes to. He has tons of upside, but is unpolished. He is inconsistent in the big games. Hopefully, he will go to a team that will commit to developing him. No matter what, he will bring a good work ethic and certain productivity to the team that drafts him. That is the mark of a Georgetown pro.

Roy Hibbert will certainly lead the Hoyas to another successful season. If Jeff had stayed, we would have been a certain number 1 or 2 preseason pick. But we'll still be in the mix. We've got Roy, Patrick Jr. and two All-Americans coming in. Other squads (cough, UNC) should be wary.

Go Hoyas!


tws392000 said...


I understand your love for Jeff Green, and your fear he may be drafted by the Hawks (I doubt it, but with Billy Knight on the job anything is possible), but "unpolished?" He was the Big East player of the year and was the glue that held the Hoyas together. That said, he isn't Oden or Durant, so maybe I need to check myself.

The HCIC said...

He doesn't suck or anything, lol. I'm sorry to see him leave. But, ahem, he was a little "unpolished" in the final game last season.

But I meant unpolished as in not instantly going to be a NBA superstar. I think he'll need a couple of years before he blossoms.

Krista said...

Yay Roy!

DP said...

I still wouldnt be surprised if Jeff went back to school. I think youll be surprised how well he plays if he stays though

The Rover said...

Great move by Hibbert. He's going to kill the Big East next year. I'm a Pitt fan, but I still can't wait to see it.