Thursday, May 03, 2007

Livin' Just Enough For the City

I never thought I would see the day when the Golden State Warriors were the hottest team in California. Over the Lakers. Over the Clippers. Over the Kings. The Warriors are what's poppin' now.

The Warriors defeated the Mavericks in the most humiliating fashion. 111-86. The eight seed beat a 67 game winner in six games. Baron Davis was on one leg. Dallas bareley showed up. Stephen Jackson was a team cancer. Now he's a baller. Now he's part of history. Stephen and The Beard are about to make a run, baby.

And Dirk. Oh, Dirk. Two for Thirteen. Eight points. Horrific, indeed. I called it awhile back. The German has no heart. He was an MVP candidate this year. Maybe he can get himself together and be somebody's sixth man contender next year.

Some notes:

Kobe fans should be worried. If the Warriors have the movie stars, what's the notoriety of playing in Los Angeles? Maybe he'll want to move on. Maybe he'll want to keep playing with Smush and Kwame. Or maybe he'll want to move on.

Maybe Mark Cuban is not so smart. Cuban and the Mavericks are going down in NBA infamy and not for any of the right reasons. Mark ran his mouth last year and badmouthed Nelly this season. Can Cuban recover? Does the goatee have too much influence?


Gangsta D said...

If the Warriors have all the superstars? Oh ye of such short term memory. The stars will never leave The Stapler, cause the Warriors are the Warriors and the Lakers are the Lakers. The Clippers were supposed to be great this year, based on last year's playoff run. That didn't work out too well. The Lakers will be back. However, Smush won't be!!!

smoothie said...

new reader to your blog (thanks to biglead) and its really good..I couldnt agee more in regards to Dirk..What a very overrated star in the game...

AS For LA, I wouldnt worry To much, Phillip and Bean are going to have a team next year..I'll say it hear first, Jermaine O'Neal will be a Laker....Great Blog, and thanks again for making big lead a lil more "colorful"//e

DP said...

Your penchant for hyperbole is charming.

Golden State plays in OAKLAND.

The team that lost the Raiders?


Granted, the Stars may fly up to get their camera time during the playoffs...but thats until the Lakers get their act together.

Dirk is the most talented Role Player of ALL TIME.

I dont have the emotional attachment to Dallas that I do to the Steelers, so weep not for me.

Mark Cuban needs to find a way to get this team a GRADE A star.

someone with a back made for team carrying.

Dirk is a nice player... but he is NOT built that way.

bring on Baseball (at least until training camp opens up)

Da Arsonist said...

Dirk has superstar talent but a role player mentality.

That's why aside from game 5 when the pressure was on him he froze icier than December, or better yet icier than Gucci Mane thinks he is. (The Gucci Mane reference was just for you.)

Big-ups to Stephen Jackson. You have to have a guy like him on your team. One that can play D, will do anything that you ask on the court, and will ride for his teammates regardless of what's going on.

He's like the Omar Little (The Wire) of the NBA.