Tuesday, May 29, 2007

No New Evidence, But Focus on Vick Continues

And I say no new evidence knowing full well an informant appeared on ESPN Outside the Lines claiming to have seen Michael Vick at dog fights way back in the day during 2000. What that guy said is absolutely meaningless. Not only did Vick's alleged attendance at the dog fight occur before he was even in the league, it is not even specifically relevant to the present circumstances.

Can somebody just fine Vick and get this over with? Just to put this sorry story out of its misery. Otherwise, we might have to continue to suffer through even more daily "developments." It's unlikely that Vick will be charged with anything, but he deserves a slap on the hand for being a bad boy. He is the face of the Falcons franchise and the highest paid player in the league.

This story is just leading to general lunacy all around.

The AJC did a feature on back up quarterback Joey Harrington. I'm sure that isn't a coincidence. The article is entitled "QB Harrington...Awaits Chance". Wishful thinking for a newspaper staffed by card carrying Vick haters. Joey is drinking the Kool Aid too.

"I would be lying to say I don't think about it. As a backup quarterback I have to be ready. Whether it's here in minicamp with what's going on off the field or whether it's during a game where, in just one play, you could be in the game. As a backup quarterback, you have to be ready at all times."

The AJC also praised the feds for getting involved in the case - "feds" meaning a Department of Agriculture official. At least a notch or two above the dogcatcher, I'm guess. Still, not enough to make me think this is a dire legal matter as it relates to Michael Vick.

Stephen A. Smith has felt inclined to be loud and wrong when speaking on the situation. When discussing the Vick situation, he offered up such treasures like, "Atlanta is one of the worst sports towns in the country" (We are a shaky sports town, but not the worst by any stretch of the imagination. Falcon support is very strong actually.) and the "majority of patrons are White" (Wrong again, Stephen. I haven't done a headcount, but you can't make statements like that without proof. Even if going by ticketholders, Stephen might try watching a game, where he will notice a significant number of patrons are Black.)

Even John Clayton has been reduced to repeatedly saying that Vick doesn't fall under the new player conduct policy because he hasn't been convicted of anything. Pacman Jones must have been tuning in to ESPN only during John's segments.

Roger Goodell is incensed that he has not been getting his phone calls returned by Surry County authorities. For some reason, he feels entitled to a status update on a case he is not party to. Funny. So, Goodell beat his chest and sent down some NFL security officers to assist in the investigation - unsolicited. I guess the whole country is subject to Goodell justice, not just the league.

And most have missed the point that the reason dog fighting is a felony in most states is because of the gambling, not the dogs. If Vick is running a kennel to furnish dogs for dog fighting, that would mean he is heavily involved in illegal gambling. Indeed, it doesn't seem like many people have noticed that, according to a kennel owner and the ESPN informant, Vick was purchasing dogs and gambling thousands of dollars at a time when he was in college. How did he have access to such funds in college? Should somebody be investigating Virginia Tech?

All in all, a ridiculous situation.


Ap said...

The funniest thing about it: ESPN didnt even report it.

astraycat said...

Leave the guy alone? Absolutely. After all, he is only accused of participating in the intentional violent deaths of dozens of pit bulls (and like roaches, if you see dozens, there are hundreds more where they came from). Yeah, what are the chances that a young black athelete with sudden millions might be involved in such illegal and immoral activity? Hmmm. If I were involved in illegal gambling, I'd take those odds. Leave him alone? That is exactly the attitude that allows dog fighting to flourish in this supposedly civilized country. This numbskull is a role model for millions of young kids who still might have had a chance to grow up not thinking that breeding dogs to fight each other to the death for "entertainment" is cool. Leave him alone? Au contraire. This matter and Mr. Vick's involvement should be given extreme scrutiny.

Kara said...

Leave him alone? He should be put in a hole with all the other " dog fighters" In the world, with nothing but a spork. That way when they get hungry enough, they can fight each other to see who gets the thigh.

Sara said...

WOW...talk about a misinformed, sad individual talking directly from thier ass. So many things in this blog are downright false. For you to actually condone dog fighting (a form of torture) makes me believe you are someone who has in the past or currently abuses animals. Mike Vick will not play in the NFL this season. Get over it.

Curtis said...

Let me first say, I am an alumnus of Virginia Tech. Being blunt, there has only been an indictment, and by nature, grand jury testimony is sealed. This case isn't even close to going to trial. Just a few weeks ago (the end of May) the prosecutor said he lacked solid evidence to tie Vick to dogfighting. The only evidence that has come out so far linking Vick to dogfighting has been a confidential informant, and confidential informants are notoriously unreliable. I believe dogfighting is a cruel and inhumane activity but I can't believe we are in such a rush to judgment after seeing what happened in the Duke Lacrosse rape case.

Anonymous said...

I say we put him and his kind into a IFC ring and if he loses, kill him,by the same means that his group dispatches the poor tortured creatures. I also thought about bacon wrapped around his testicles might be more entertaining! Using innocent animals for their sick entertainment is a real sin against humanity! I hope he loses his job. What kind of role model would the nfl be supporting. Dave

Anonymous said...

we should gather up a bunch of falcons fans and we should protest PETA(I dont see them sayin nothin about horse racing) in the falcons camp, because we want to see vick play and PETA is already tryin to prove vick guilty when a judge or jury hasnt

Anonymous said...

Go vick, and for the people who say that vick should get in a ring and try to fight a dog, to tell the truth thats not hard(for somebody who isnt a wimp) at all all you go to do is watch out for their mouths, then u could kick them, choke, them of other brutal stuff, thats what i would do

Jennifer said...

Actually PETA does have issues with the use of horses in horse races. And obviously anyone who agrees with this absurd article is uneducated, ignorant, and oblivious to facts. Fact is-He owned the house-Fact-He was a registered dog breeder-Fact-All evidence points directly to illegal dog fighting in this house-Fact-witness places Vick at the scene of several "events"-Fact-He has been indicted by a Grande jury-Fact-In order for a Grande jury to take a case, there must not only be state to state transportation of the dogs or illegal purposes but strong easily proven evidence against the accused :Vick.
Those are the facts.
I do believe that dog fighing, and all neglect to any animals is disturbing and if you are capable of these things then you have phycotic tendencies!! The author of this piece of crap article is wrong and misinformed when he says that the laws are in place due to gambling. WRONG!!! The law is in place due to the utter cruelty it takes to forces one animal to kill another for entertainment, money and competition. Animals kill by instinct to hunt, never because they just want to.