Thursday, May 24, 2007

Priorities, People

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell issued a statement about Clinton Portis' lack of outrage over dogfighting. The commish didn't hesitate to proclaim that he was "extremely disappointed and embarrassed" over Portis' statements.


But am I to infer that the commissioner less disappointed and/or embarrassed over domestic violence?

While Portis was cracking jokes, (former) Cincinnati Bengals linebacker AJ Nicholson and New York Jets cornerback Justin Miller were allegedly committing assault towards women during this whole dog saga. Women, not dogs.

I not aware of Goodells' urgent statement condemning assaults against human beings. And the media continues to harp on dogfighting and villainizing Michael Vick. Card carrying PETA member or not, can't we all agree that there are bigger villains in the NFL than those who may or may not fight dogs?

Bitches over women? That ain't right.


The Brooklyn Boy said...

Good points raised here. Goodell seems awful inconsistent and reactionary when it comes to his handling of this stuff so far. Interesting to see how it develops further.

cassee01 said...

Very good point - and typical. People ignore domestic violence because it's so common I think - I mean they all have the PC attitude down, but it's not everyday you hear about an athelete being involved in dog fighting, now atheletes and domestic violence is a more common thing hence they avoid it

Pacifist Viking said...

What I find odd is that Goodell is commenting on COMMENTS. It's one thing to be making statements and taking action against poor behavior of players; when he talks about being "extremely disappointed and embarrassed" about a player's statements (a player who has actually DONE nothing wrong), he's really overreaching to make his reputation as an authority figure.

Head Chick In Charge said...

You had to know this was coming. The player conduct policy is so subjective. Now Goodell is condeming comments and players and coaches are falling over themselves to apologize for any little thing they think might upset the big boss. It's ridiculous.

The Rover said...

All right, hear me out a Goodell perhaps pursuing the "broken windows" theory here? You know, crack down on the little stuff - like stupid comments from CP - and eventually the big stuff goes away, like NYC in the '90s.

And, if the Commish decides to deliver the smackdown to Mike Vick, he's gotta come down hard because this is a guy who is supposed to be the face of the league. In some ways, that's worse than some anonymous special teamer messing up.

That said, domestic violence is so obviously wrong that it would be nice to hear SOMEONE at the NFL condemn it.

DP said...

Bitches over women...

This, young lady, is GENIUS!

Blue Viking Devil said...

I am trying to imagine what would have happened if Goodell and the conduct policy would have been in place before the infamous "Love Boat" fiasco of my beloved Vikings.

Would he have laid down the law on everyone present, and if so could we see a possible major case happening at some time when a bunch of players hanging out get into some big fiasco and Goodell makes an example out of them?

The HCIC said...

bvd, I could totally see that happening.

At first I thought Goodell was basically just being reactionary. Trying to satisfy the pundits and making a good name for himself. His strategy may be backfiring. Now all we hear about the NFL is regarding conduct issues. And it's still the offseason! I'm sure David Stern is smiling somewhere.

It's only a matter of time before a large group of players gets caught up. A star (Vick) has already been caught up. The NFl is just a minature society.

Anonymous said...

The man killed innocent helpless puppies. Only an uneducated idiot with no sense of compassion and inability to think beyond himself will treat this case lightly. As with millions of other compassionate thinking people out there, I treat killing of innocent poor puppies no differently than a gang rape of a 10 year old girl. It should be treated with same severity.

You guys will understand once you get a college education and learn to think beyond your own little tiny world. I'm guessing none of you have pets.