Monday, May 07, 2007

Random Gossip

The New Jersey Nets almost lost their owner! On Friday, there were rumors spreading that Jay-Z had gone down in a plane crash. Fortunately, Jay-Z is okay. He was able to skip the Nets advancing to the playoffs to attend the fight in Vegas. Thank goodness!

Larry Johnson is not going allow Reggie Bush to be the only NFLer rotating on 106 and Park. He is the love interest in Fantasia's video, "When I See You." He didn't get a thorough lap dance, but he does get a kiss at the end. I didn't see any tongue or anything though.

The Strahans are still beefing. Jean Strahan wants to delay the auction of their furniture until the sale of their mansion. Jean is also claiming she can't keep up with the mortgage and the lease payments on her Escalade because Michael Strahan hasn't given her enough money.

And way to bury the lead. Crunk and Disorderly provides pictures of Michael Jordan and Nicole Murphy. Who cares what Michael was doing faux humping on some random coeds. WTF was he doing in Mexico with Eddie Murphy's ex wife?


DP said...

Im glad no one ran around taking pics of me right after MY divorce.

Shouldnt he be getting ready for the draft anyway?

That Jay-Z plane crash rumor went down faster than Oscar's chances in the fight.

Larry Johnson needs to hustle if he is going to catch up to Reggie...Getting a kiss does NOT compare to a lap dance from Ciara.

Brother T said...


Jay-Z copped 1% of the team...LOL. I still don't get why, just because he sits courtside, people act like he has any influence on the team.

The cat has no pull with 1%.