Friday, May 18, 2007

Ron Mexico Doesn't Have Much...

...but he still has his herpes.

You may think it sad to look back on one's offseason and come away most grateful for your herpes. But herpes is always there for you. You can depend on it.

Every cloud has a silver lining. And, indeed, so does herpes. Science may have proven that herpes will protect Ron Mexico from the bubonic plague and other bacterial infections.

So far, studies have only established the link in mice, but number 7 should be hopeful. Maybe one day they will prove herpes protects humans against infection. Maybe one day science will figure out what has happened to Michael Vick's good common sense. Until then, he has his herpes.


MCBias said...

I love it. Dr Z rips on Vick AND Owens on the same page!
LTMA haters, you've found a new champion, ha. Yes, that's my last link post for a while. It just made me laugh when I read the Vick part...and then 2 seconds later, there was Terrell!

Phil said...