Monday, May 07, 2007

Tracy McGrady Drunk Dialed Me Last Night


"Hey, Tracy."

"Did you see the game?"

"Yes, Tracy."

"Did you see the press conference?"

"Yeah, Tracy."

"Well, the tears were for you. I want you to love me so bad. We were talking about getting back together..."

"Tracy, it's done. You used to be my favorite player. But then you went soft. And you didn't act right once you got hopped up on that back pain medication. You've had chance after chance after chance. I don't like saying it, but it's not going to get any better."

"But, baby, my back is better now. I've got a supporting cast. We're getting a new coach. I can be better. I just want to get back to how it used to be between us. Can't I come over? I can do those slam dunks you like."

"Whatever, Tracy. It's over. Maybe you can be my sixth man, but I'll have to commit to a new superstar now. He's emotionally distant, but maybe Gilbert can fit me in between Halo sessions. And then maybe I'll give you a call."


"Tracy, I've got to go. Chris Webber is on the other line. I've got to give this speech again. I'm not getting caught up over that sonofabitch either."


DP said...

CLassic material.

Only a woman can do this.

You do it well.

Real Talk...if the Warriors punk out against the Jazz..I will start on Football early.

I wont be able to take it.

smoothie said...

Was Yao on the other phone in T-Macs house on Mute laughin???

Da Arsonist said...

Come one give T-Mac anotha chance. It's not his fault...he did all he could.

As for my boi C-Webb he's got a title to win.